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Under Hamzah, what happen to the RM2.4 billion Penang cocaine bust?

In the midst of PN politicians eagerness to take potshots at Anwar following Azalina's Parliament reply MACC confirmed no proof to link the coalition's political funding with gambling operators, a man appeared at MACC yesterday to offer evidence.

Talking about vices, two months ago a prankster sent Rafizi samples of cannabis products. It is possibly an attempt to convince him and Anwar on the medicinal, health and other uses of cannabis to legalise it. Since it is Rafizi, it was politicise.

Having exposed the link between a renown Macau gangster, Wan Kuok Koi and a former IGP and a Sultan's buddypoliticising of gambling and cannabis are games for wimps. Lets get down to the real dirty business of hardcore illegal drug trade.

There are  possible links to Corporate Mafia. The boss Victor Chin, not unexpectedly, was called in by MACC on Monday. Raya is really over.

In September 2019, police made the biggest drug bust in Penang in which 12 tonnes of cocaine worth RM2.4 billion seized. This is larger than the Shah Alam drug bust worth half a billion in August the same year.

Then IGP, Tan Sri Hamid Bador proudly announced police succeeded to foil a South American cartel to smuggle the drugs via Malaysia. Straits Times reported drugs was found in three containers filled with 60 sacks of coal at Butterworth port on September 10.

It was reported by another news source that the transportion was sophisticated and mixed with charcoal to mask from the drug sniffing dogs. Ops Eagle required an advance method for detection.

Was there interference from above? 

In 4 months time, it will be 4 years since, but what happen to the seize? 

A suspect was apprehended, but did the cocaine bust ever made it beyond press conference and frontpage news into court? Since drug was detected and 12 tonnes should be sufficient amount of sample, is there not enough for Chemistry Department to deduce as evidence in court? Was there interference that prevented police in carrying out their investigation and case getting properly charged in court?

Five months after the raid, in February 2020, a multi-faction and party coup described as the Sheraton Move toppled the PH government. Then Home Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin became PM for another permutation of political parties and factions which later emerged the PN coalition. 

The position at KDN was taken up by Dato Seri Hamzah Zainuddin who held it through the 33 tumultous months of PN rule, and his tenure extended under Dato Seri Ismail Sabri.  

Hamid Bador is hardly subtle of his absolute loyalty to Dr Mahathir and can be revolting to the stomach to hear. He did not pursue enough of Azmin Ali for the Sandakan Ramadhan homosexual tryst video for legal limitation, but will not interfere in police investigation on a crime of such big scale.

It is no secret he could not see eye to eye with Hamzah and openly criticised him for meddling in police affairs. Sources claimed there was interference from above in the Penang bust.

The street talk claimed that to bribe a high official out of the RM2.4 billion cocaine bust may cost up to RM300 million. That would be a substantial contribution to the political war chest of any corrupt political party.  

The newly appointed Director of Criminal Investigation Division, Dato Ayob Khan certainly has an unfinished business at Narcotic Crime Investigation Division. The kneaded dough need to be made into roti canai

The RM2.4 billion cocaine bust that need to find its way to court. He was Narc Director from December 21, 2001. As CID, he should look into possible link between drug trade and Corporate Mafia.

Suspected drug kingpin scot away free?

Just a month in January before Hamzah appointment, Malaysia Reserve reported the Chairman of ATTA Global Berhad and Heng Huat Resources Berhad, Ooi Chieng Sim was remanded by police under the Dangerous Drug Act 

His bank and CDS accounts were frozen and the Chairman was subsequently charged among the 8 on January 30th.  

Suspect only gained public attention for the politics as third largest shareholder of Penang state controlled water company, PBA Holdings Berhad

Media was silenced when they reported Ooi was charged merely for distributing 5 kg of methamphitamine. The original charge on January 30 was for 4,980 gm Syabu under Ops Eagle Diamond, which is probably part of the Ops Eagle for the whole of Penang. 

It was a lesser charge because the Chemistry Department found no drugs in the 4,980 gm Syabu. Truly strange. Ooi ended being charged in court for 2.66 gm meth and not 5 gm as reported in the media. 

Apparently he is now a free man and the meth charges could merely be a temporary distraction. 

Media blackout? 

Media hardly raised any question on the 12 tonne cocaine seized but gave coverage on the political angle of Ooi's arrest and the business side of ATTA and Heng Huat.

The Ops Eagle Diamond raid was at a facility near ATTA office and on the company owned warehouse. Though company claim it was rented to other companies, the link to Ooi could be established.  

There is no room for benefit of the doubt for Ooi and his people, even though ATTA's Chairman now, Dato Tajudin Isa served the  police for 33 years.  A year after Ooi's charge, another of ATTA's Executive Director, Tan Kim Hee was charged for a Johor drug case.

Media never highlighted Chemistry Department found no drugs in 4,980 gm of Syabu and lesser charge allowed Ooi bail. The charges for meth was an amended charge. Under Section 41B of DDA does not allow for bail, the lower charges under Section 12(2) of DDA allowed him bail. 

ATTA's immediate reaction was merely suspending him fom the Executive Chairman position at ATTA. and reported without further probing by media friendly to PN, PH and MCA. 

A big story is brewing on Corporate Mafia and yet hardly significant coverage by media. Criminals may have bought their silence. 

Last year, Ooi had the gall to apply for the release of RM220 million of forfeited assets. Apparently his wife had an active role in the application to unfreeze the bank and CDS accounts. Sources claim they succeeded at the Court of Appeal. 

Ooi's other PLC, Heng Huat suspended him too but the tone from the company's press release was hardly alarmed and serious but seemingly business as usual mode. Perhaps because getting charged in court was nothing unusual since Ooi was previously charged for forging a will and got acquited. 

Being aware of the happening behind the release of forfeited money from the account of Teddy Teow, the moneygame operator wanted for deportation by China, the probable involvement of high hand is there.

Drug trade in corporate Malaysia 

The concern that a big fish got away cannot be brushed off as another typical day in court of criminals getting away from the long arms of the law. 

It concern drugs and the link to social ills and crimes is not a new subject for public discourse. The problem of drug is widespread that it has transcend into national security concern affecting individuals and communities. 

All segments of society are affected by drugs, particularly the Malays which make up 70% of drug addicts. According to Department of Statistics, there are 18,000 addicts but the real number should be more. Last year alone, police and AADK detected 130,000 new drug abusers. Numbers among youth are increasing

An analysis by UKM concluded that efforts undertaken by government to combat the drug menace are ineffective. For one and not covered by the study, the operation of the local drug cartel has encroached into big business.

The arrest of Ooi shows it has gained entry into corporate and access to the capital market. Drug money are laundered through PLCs.  


Recently raised by blogger Nuclearbursaman is the logic to convert Revenue Berhad's warrants to ordinary shares at the cost of 85 sen per shares when the mother shares is traded in the market at 25 sen. He suspected businessman involved in drug trade to afford such premium

Though it cost triple to acquite the shares via warrant, they could regain the loss on a latter day via moving of assets and shares manipulation. The motive is blatantly clear not a sound business decision and securities industry authorities should be alarmed (unless they were bribed). 

In the meanwhile, money pumped into Revenue serve the purpose of churning and creating false market of business activities for the profitable turned instantly loss payment gateway company. Plainly put, it is cheating the public and gullible retail investors.  

Dato Dr Awang Adik can bull about 100% increase in online investment scam but he is absolutely clueless and helpless in getting SC investigators to enforced the law on Corporate Mafia and stem criminal activities including drug trade infiltrating the capital market. 

The swiftness in Tan Sri Wahid Omar-led Bursa Malaysia seemed to be limited to gulping streams of alcohol through his CEO's throat. 

The leadership at both SC and Bursa are bureaucratically slow. The organisation too lembab to act on the complain on Caely made since before last year 2022's Raya. 

Corporate Secret website went at length to reveal the involvement of former officers of Bursa, SC and AG Chamber in Corporate Mafia but no action. Seen from the outside, nothing seemed to be happening. IGP said the investigation on Corporate Mafia have been going on since last year. 

They may have been bribed to jam Bursa and SC wheels from investigating and enforcing the securities law. If not, overdose of curut perhaps. Or something inside the South American tobacco.     

Corporate Mafia drug link 

In a February 2020 article entitled "Just who is Ooi Chieng Sam" by Edge Online, a corporate player revealed Ooi is a big money lender to even corporate people. Merchant Banker knows of him but for obvious reason, declined to acknowledge doing business.

Either through the steel company ATTA Global or coconut fibre company Heng Huat, Ooi is believed to have a money lending license. 

There is no evidence linking Ooi to Tedy Teow but talk is he could be Ooi's boss. 

At one time, sources from Bukit Mertajam claimed Tedy Teow was financing drug trade. Before GE14, it is heard part of the funds scammed through moneygame was used to finance drug trade. Its one way though to earn high return. 

It will not be a surprise Ooi's drug activities was financed by Tedy. 

The link between Ooi and Corporate Mafia exist. The Edge reported on February 20th of Dato Teoh Hai Hin, the Managing Director of Hong Seng Consolidated resigning just two weeks upon being appointed Executive Director of Ooi's Heng Huat. 

Those following the Corporate Mafia expose in the Corporate Secret portal should be aware of the role Hong Seng Capital as funder Corporate Mafia. 

Though reportedly now at odds with Victor Chin, Teoh Hai Hin and Hong Seng Condolidated is part and parcel of Corporate Mafia. Drug money from Ooi could have flowed into Corporate Mafia activities which colluded with law enforcement. 

In Seacera deal, there were collaboration between Ooi and Victor Chin. Ooi was involved in the manouver to sack the Directors. It was Victor Chin via his lawyer and ex-SC DPP, Chong Long Man to put the finishing touch to turn Seacera into PN17 and presumably money and asset stashed out. 

Chong Long Man also served the penny stock market operators Jacky Phang, Kenneth Vun and Eddie Cha. They could likely be roped in to prop up the shares Corporate Mafia group of companies. 

Jacky Phang and Kenneth Vun were seen at the fund raising dinner for PPBM's campaign for Johor's last state election. It was the dinner organised by the exposed Macau gangster linked Dato Tan Choon Hua.      

In the meanwhile, money man Francis Leong Seng Wei will shuffle assets and numbers for the two to help goreng the shares. 

The family of Francis should be concerned. Either the ghost of Green Packet past will haunt him or the long arm of the law will follow up on him.   

Lastly, the unmistakable proof that Victor Chin has clear links to Hong Seng and drug trade of Ooi is via MMAG. Gobind Singh is looking seriously into their issue. 

The shareholders analysis in past Annual Reports of Hong Seng below:

MMAG appears as a major shareholder of Hong Seng. Not sure who are the significant shareholders; Ooi Geok Kee, Ooi Cheng Bok, and Ooi Siew Looi. Same last name but Ooi Chieng Sim is not stupid. 

Under the Madani inspired government, this nonsense happenings in the corporate scene are inconsistent with ESG and could be detrimental to Malaysia. Action should be taken decisively with the political will and firm actions from the Prime Minister. 

Now that the possible drug link can be seen, hope Anwar Ibrahim will alarmed enough to whip up the law enforcement agencies and Attorney General Office. Head of Prosecution, Manoj Kurup seemed more interested in getting ready for retirement and taking back what Malaya allegedly stole from Sarawak .  

By the way, the RM300 million bribe figure that is talked in the street may not have been plucked from the sky.   


  1. 220 million forfeited for 5 gm meth. Plez ... la Hamzah.

    Ooi fella surely is the suspect for the 3 container cocaine

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