Thursday, July 27, 2023

Madani is "Ekonomi Rakyat", not Madanon

The nomination date for the unnecessary six state election will be this Saturday, July 29th and polling will be on August 12th. 

Contrary to the claim by political soothsayers linked to Tun Dr Mahathir, Tun Daim, Perikatan Nasional and sympathisers, the election result is unlikely to change the  federal government. 

More so, should the outcome is a status quo 3-3 for Unity Government and Perikatan Nasional. Thus it is high time to bury the confusion created by PN to question the legitimacy of the Unity Government and refer it as Madani government. 

Since there were no clear winner for GE15, the multi-coalition government had to forego their 2022 election manifesto. Madani plan was concocted and the joint effort is more reflective of the peoples' hope than drastic cut in petrol prices. 

Today, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim unveiled the country's economic direction as the theme "Madani Economy: Empowering the people". 

It presented Madani as a serious effort to change for the better than the meaningless Madanon labeling on social media which is a pun on Anwar's nicname.  

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Monday, July 10, 2023

Is 97-year old Mahathir relevant?

July 7th 2023

Happy Birthday Sir, but ALL truths do matter!

Dear TDM,

You will be 97 years old next week. My Dad, and your personal friend, lived to be 96 and eleven months; and, moved on to meet his maker! You must have lived healthier! 

Sir, I speak from my heart, as would my Dad in any conversation with me about you! I have always admired you for most of my life while in Public Services, but truthfully for the first time in my life I am having sincere doubts about what your real AGENDA is. I think I hinted this to you when we last met in your Albukhary Office! 

My fear however is you are trying to finally become a ‘Malay Warrior,’ now, almost by default and by the end of your life. But with your rich Malabari heritage you will always be an Indian Muslim, and never a Malay, in a very popular sense! Regardless of all the many manipulations!

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Sunday, July 2, 2023

Mysterious Immigration Lane 41 at KLIA

The aviation industry had long been the platform this blog (originally ABITW) built its reputation. From issues relating to MAS, Khazanah Nasional, AirAsia, and Malaysia Airport to even attempts to delve into non-commercial aviation of military. 

Naturally the recent happening at KLIA does not pass this blogger's attention. It does not require much effort to know which side is probably right, which is wrong, and whose the real culprit. 

Off course, knowledge of the online and social media political game helps. 

The moment it is known BebasNews was the news portal breaking and viraling the KLIA incident one can sense it is political and the sleight hands of Dr Mahathir and PN camp

MOTAC Minister, Dato Tiong King Sing stormed into KLIA to salvage a situation in which Immigration denied entry for a female tourist from China. She had not committed any past offense that placed her in the NTL (not to land) list, but was denied. 

The authorities may have their reasons or excuses, depending on one's siding for or against Immigration authorities but allegedly, an agent approached the tourist for payment of RM3,000 per person and totals up to RM18,000 for her entourage to "smoothen" her entry. 

It is long known in the industry that tourists or visitors are victimised by Immigration. Those conceding to pay will be directed to queue at the infamous Lane 41 and all will be well. 

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