Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Seremban to Ipoh: Coming out of the block

The break taken since August is long enough. It's time to come out of the block and start churning for the General Election. 

It is not for lack of material to write or the absence of angle to approach the subject. There have been several attempts but lacked the motivation to get over the part writer's block and part exhaustion. 

Taking a writing break was needed for the mind to rest and re-energise. It was the Saturday class of '73 to '77 reunion in Seremban for a trip down the memory lane of adolescence that revive the youthful enthusiasm in us. 

Too bad there was an important meeting the next morning to be followed by an important trip to Ipoh. We would have stayed through the weekend. 

Nevertheless it was sufficient to get us back in the mood again.     

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