Friday, March 29, 2024

MP for Kuching lied on the 7 practising CT Surgeons

MP for Ipoh Timor, Howard has spoken in Dewan Rakyat to enquire on the fate of the unrecognised Parallel Pathway program for the "illegal" FRCS International which is a "medical scam" by esteemed institution, Royal College of Surgeon, Edinbrugh (RCS Edin). 

DAP Senator from Penang Dr RA Lingeswaran argued strongly in Dewan Negara for the recognition of PP and indirectly call the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) as Little Napolean for not heeding their request to BREAK THE LAW. Can refer to the previous article on the legality HERE.  

And now it is MP for Bandar Kuching, Dr Kevin Yii's turn to speak. As reported by Code Blue HERE, he dispute the official statement by MMC that fellow from RCSEd was NOT recognised with A LIE that seven Cacrdiothoracic surgeons with fellow from RCSED allowed registeration.  

No names mentioned but Code Blue quoted their registration numbers. Unfortunately, Bo Su Lyn either conveniently did not reveal fully the tip-off or failed to check it.

Code Blue unscrupulously colluded to lie for the "medical scam syndicate".

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Thursday, March 28, 2024

PP's illegal FRCS will not overcome shortage

The storyline repeatedly told by proponents of the 2016 MOH-initiative Parallel Pathway (PP) program is shortage of Medical Speacialists. 

When this blog first pursued this subjectNST, Code Blue and Star was selling the shortage narrative in February in response to decision by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) to not recognise the program prematurely commenced by then DG Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham. 

It was part of a media campaign presumably orchestrated by The Malaysian Association for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons (MATCVS), the program champion and coordinator who issued a statement on Feb 15 and objected to the MMC decision

Apparently, part of the campaign is to get media to block the publication of the truth and any dissenting views. 

Recently, Sarawak Minister and a heart surgeon himself, Dr Simm Kui Hian in hs FB joined the bandwagon with the same shortage argument to lend support with subtle threat to invoke Malaysia Agreement 1963 to pursue its own course of action.  

Whether MOH intend to bypass the power accorded to MMC using gazettement, the law remained that MMC has final say to determine the qualification to enter the National Specialist Register and legally accord doctors as Medical Specialist.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Did Rafizi's team called PADU critics as "monyets"?

A month ago, social media took notice that Rafizi Ramli's spending to promote his responses to critics on social media were not getting the desired attention

In the previous weekend, came the frontpage bomb in Sunday Star. Just 14 days to go, 83% of Malaysians yet to register on PADU. The poor response was attributed to Malaysians suspicious nature, fears over data privacy and security.

In the same manner Rafizi call his critics as ignorant and naive as "mereka ini tidak tahu", he arrogantly gave thinly veiled threat in his reminder to register.  

When Ong Kian Meng first expressed concern with his system, he ignored the warning. Since then, more problems surface and discussed by social media commentors. Wee Ka Siong saw something fishy in the RM80 million spent. Puad Zarkashi join the berating to describe formula man as a failure. 

For the past few days, Sarawak Minister Karim Hamzah expressed reservation on the overly detailed personal information requested. Sabah DCM Jeffrey Kitingan called the approach taken as too assertive and coercive.  

Rafizi's people response was to call critics as monkeys!

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Friday, March 22, 2024

MOH gazette of "illegal" FRCS in conflict with Medical Act 1971

FMT reported the Ministry of Health gazetted the "illegal" status FRCS International issued by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCS Edin) under an NGO-initiated Parallel Pathway (PP) program. 

This gazettement is in conflict with the Medical Act 1971 and the last media statement ironically issued by the former Director General of Health, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham on September 22, 2022 prior to his retirement.

Only the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) can certify any doctors as fit to be specialist and surgeon, and qualify for the National Specialist Register. This is over riding their authority and applying unprofessional political and government pressure on MMC to recognise a legally and technically unqualified diploma.  

The PP Program was endorsed and championed by Noor Hisham since the first batch of trainee in 2016. His successors pushed for its recognition, in which its application have been viewed to not met the basic criteria, required standards and duly rejected by the MMC. 

This move by MOH will attract abuse by those in administrative position and undermine the high standards and good reputation of the Malaysian healthcare practitioners. 

One can expect unqualified and insufficiently trained surgeons be allowed to perform surgery with serious implications to patients' safety and possibly lead to the rise of casualties on the operating tables.   

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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Malaysia's household debt problem

Malaysia household debt accounted for 81.0 % of the country's Nominal GDP in Dec 2022, compared with the ratio of 88.9 % in the previous year.

CEIC Data 



Star Online Wednesday, 20 Mar 2024

PETALING JAYA: The surge in the country’s household debt level is symptomatic of broader systemic issues in the economy rather than isolated financial mismanagement.

While economists generally applaud the government’s efforts in promoting financial literacy among Malaysians, more comprehensive reforms are needed to get to the root of the problem.

Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd chief economist Mohd Afzanizam Abdul Rashid said this is quite similar to the situation of low savings for retirement. He noted the fundamental cause lies in the low level of salaries and wages along with the high cost of living.

“This may entail implementing policies related to education, healthcare and infrastructure that will help our country to improve its productivity level. Clearly there are no shortcuts. 

“Therefore, it is a strategic imperative to enact economic reforms that will allocate the limited resources effectively, prioritising initiatives that improve our productivity.

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Monday, March 18, 2024

The problem may not be just rising cost of living ...

Rising Cost of Lifestyle in Malaysia

By Tai Zee Kin

In Malaysia, it's essential to distinguish between the rising cost of living—expenses for basic needs like food, shelter, and employment—and the escalating cost of lifestyle, which involves spending on items or commitment of lifestyle preferences. 

Following global trends, Malaysia's cost of lifestyles have become more and more expensive, suggesting the real pressure comes from our choices in spending.

To combat the increasing cost of lifestyle, consider these ideas for more sustainable living without sacrificing quality of life:

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Sunday, March 17, 2024

MH370: 10 years after ...

On March 16th, 2014, about 8 days after the mysterious and dreadful disappearance of MH370, Raja Safiah shared this messafe on her FB here. She reshared on the 10 years anniversary of the tragic MH370 recently.  

I am sharing this again in loving memory of Suraya Hanim who passed away in January this year. May you lay peacefully in Jannah my dear friend.

I can't help sharing this note. Beautifully written by Dr. Nadia Abdul Rahim to her father. She is also the eldest daughter of an old friend, Suraya Hanim.


This note is long overdue and is something that I should have written a long time ago - to let my dad know of how proud I am of him.

I am proud of what he does, in spite of him not being around for almost half of my life.

This is for my dad,

Captain Abd Rahim Harun,

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Thursday, March 14, 2024

Saravanan man, Dato Malik implicated in an Indian drug bust

The September 2023 enquiry on Dato Malik Dashtigeer's July arrest by MACC has no development yet and there is the likelihood that there is no case against alleged human trafficking former Minister Dato Saravanan's "business associate".

He is now implicated in an international drug syndicate involving India, Australia and New Zealand. The reporter inferring of his involvement claimed it involves Malaysia too. 

And, Malaysians apparently has a notorious reputation in the illegal drug trade. One was arrested early in the year in a drug bust involving an international drug trafficking syndicate.   

Five days ago on March 9th, the Narcotic Control Bureau of India (NBI) busted an India-Australia-New Zealand drug racket of pseudoephedrine involving a Tamil Film Producer, Jaffer Saddiq.  Four others were arrested in a warehouse in Delhi.

Adding a twist of this news, Senior Reporter and owner of media Savukku, A. Shankar made an allegation in an interview on Youtube that Malaysia is part of the drug racket and the boss to Jaffer is a Malaysian and influential in the Tamil film industry. 

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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Ringgit: "See you at 5" didn't happen again

That was the line used to hyped the market into thinking ringgit will plunge further during the financial crisis back in 1997. Ringgit weakened from 2.50 level to hit 4.7958 in October 1998. 

Last yeat, it fell to a 25 year low of 4.7750 in October 2023. See you at 5 was heard again. Recently on February 20th, see you at 5 when it hit a 26 year low at 4.7965

The decline agitated the public as the spectre of 1998 reappear. Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Anwar Ibrahim, Economics Minister Rafizi Ramli and the Madani government took the brunt of the blame.

Premature accusation of failure to revive the economy were heard. This is despite the ringgit weakness and rising food prices are fiscal mess inherited from Mahathir 2.0 and the two subsequent PN governments. 

That seemed to be forgotten since fiscal reform came with increases in and wider coverage of consumption tax, new taxes for online businesses, and improvement on tax collection. Yet it is the same fiscal reform that is needed to strengthen Ringgit.

As of yesterday, it is interesting to observe that the outcry on Ringgit seemed to waned off

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Friday, March 8, 2024

Lives at stake to allow illegal FRCS and RCSEd scam

A memo from the Prime Minister, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim to the Minister of Health, Dato Seri Dr Dzukefly Ahmad was to "follow the law" in resolving the initiative by former MOH DG, Tan Sri Nr Hisham Abdullah to carryout a Parallel Pathway Training (PP) with the Royal College of Edinburgh (RSCEd) for Cardiothoracic Surgery

The program was conducted illegally and ahead without prior approvals from both the Malaysian Qualifying Agency (MQA) under MOHE and the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC). 

More so, RCSEd did not issue the usual Intercollegiate Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) diploma prevalent among practising Medical Specialists, but the FRCS International (FRCSI) version. 

FRCSI program were organised by the Malaysian Association for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (MATCVS), instead of Universities. 

The training and exposure in Edinburgh seemed intentionally conducted to be too basic and insufficient. It gave a reason for RCSEd to not issue Certificate for Completion of Training (CCT). 

FRCSI were awarded but without CCT, trainees could not practise in the UK, the home country of the fellowship. This was the legally unchallengeable ground for MMC to not recognise FRCSI. Decisions made by MMC are never revoked or reviewed.

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Thursday, March 7, 2024

Local institutions fall victim to MITI scam

In the midst of the shock from new Auditor General Datuk Wan Suraya Wan Radzi's report on LTAT and Felda in her findings on GLCs, a story broke out yesterday of a scam in which an actor may have been hired to scam MITI into a FDI signing ceremony involving a PLC. 

All looks like any typical corporate signing of a business venture with news report of a RM36.8 million private placement of new shares to finance the venture. That was till the hired actor uploaded a video on his Tik Tok and it went viral overnight. The video have been taken down but the one distributed in one  Whass App group is shared above.

It means the venture do not exist and it was all a show to convince the necessary financial institutions and approving bodies as though it was a bona fide deal. All along it was merely a scam to raise money from the public. 

The shares would likely be subscribed by institutional investors such as LTAT, EPF, KWAP, Felda, LTH and such. Auditors from the Auditor General office would not have known the legit looking shares in their portfolio are from scams that will turn out later to be worthless. 

Market sources claimed it a Corporate Mafia group stock market scam. 

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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

BSC, B'raya Devt. robbed by Daim using CLOB?

When Daim was being charged, keen followers familiar with the Malaysian corporate scene were sceptical the authorities had any chance of getting him. A friend and distancely related to him confidently claimed Daim would cover his legal.

Rather sceptical with such claims since had long known a controlling shareholder of a PLC directed by one of the two acquisitive Tuns to sell his company to one of their son and not getting paid.

So much for them labelling Najib as "pencuri, penyamun dan penyangak." Since the owner have let bygone be bygone and gentlemanly moved on, lets just let it lay. 

However, it was recently made known that an owner of a stockbroking firm directed to merge into a financial group suffered the same ordeal. It dispel the notion that the Tuns legitimised their actions. 

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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Ghost from political past

Joceline Tan's Saturday column reminded of the first spirit to visit Ebenezer Scrouge in Charles Dicken's novel, Christmas Carol. The ghost from Christmas past gave him a glimpse of the future from his action and indifference. The vision was to save him from his past. 

The current Madani government is facing public backlash for raising SST from 6% to 8% and expanded scope to other services. Whether the GST remain in operation or its the current SST, the public has to face up to the new reality of fiscal reform to salvage the country's finances from deteriorating further.

There was no ghost to warn PH of their impact of their action to take up GST as a cause celebre together with 1MDB to topple BN in 2018. Teething problem in the implementation of a new tax policy was blamed for price hike, and made into Boston Tea party-like uproar that started the American revolution for independence from the Brit. 

However, the table has turned and tax-on-tax of their preferred SST system will accelerate price hike and cause public dissatisfaction, but not expected to significantly add to the tax revenue.

There are still other unimplementable promises to bring petrol prices down, hudud law, free education, abolish PTPTN, judicial independence, law and order, long list of freebies and the long list promised by PH and former PR.    

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Friday, March 1, 2024

May it be the last ever Bumiputera Economic Congress

Having attended many such Bumiputra-themed discourses that the current on-going Kongres Ekonomi Bumiputera did not motivate yours truly to attend. Judging from the attendance yesterday, UMNO Youth Chief looked juvenile for misunderstanding Ti Lian Ker's critique.  

The intention of KEB is towards a forward moving transformation, an economically independent Bumiputera, and not to replace NEP, which was soiled by Mahathir's greed and self serving motivation. The gut feel there will be the repeatedly disappointing same ole, same ole tune of "desak kerajaan", "minta kerajaan", and "kerajaan patut" this and that in the moulding of another Ibrahim Ali.  

KEB is supposed to be a discussion to bring forth issues and proposal from the participants. It will end up being the platform for EPU or certain government agencies to shove their plan and get the discourse to rubber stamp. 

What was discussed and proposed will be lost in the piles of papers and diverted to serve non-economic and sometimes self serving interest. 

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