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MP for Kuching lied on the 7 practising CT Surgeons

MP for Ipoh Timor, Howard has spoken in Dewan Rakyat to enquire on the fate of the unrecognised Parallel Pathway program for the "illegal" FRCS International which is a "medical scam" by esteemed institution, Royal College of Surgeon, Edinbrugh (RCS Edin). 

DAP Senator from Penang Dr RA Lingeswaran argued strongly in Dewan Negara for the recognition of PP and indirectly call the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) as Little Napolean for not heeding their request to BREAK THE LAW. Can refer to the previous article on the legality HERE.  

And now it is MP for Bandar Kuching, Dr Kevin Yii's turn to speak. As reported by Code Blue HERE, he dispute the official statement by MMC that fellow from RCSEd was NOT recognised with A LIE that seven Cacrdiothoracic surgeons with fellow from RCSED allowed registeration.  

No names mentioned but Code Blue quoted their registration numbers. Unfortunately, Bo Su Lyn either conveniently did not reveal fully the tip-off or failed to check it.

Code Blue unscrupulously colluded to lie for the "medical scam syndicate".

The NSR numbers of the seven cardiothoracic surgeons are 129248, 131595, 135305, 129645, 131932, 131847, and 124314. Bo Su Lynn should have revealed their names and qualifications, as below: 

1. Shahrul Amry  FRCS (JCIE) 

2. Sivakumar Krishnasamy M. Surg

3. Adrian Ooi FRCS (JCIE) 

4. Kenny Cheng Keng Peng M. Surg

5. Hardip Singh M. Surg

6. Soon Sing Yang FRCS (JCIE) 

7. Simon Yeoh Choong Yan FRCS (JCIE) 1997 FRCS (Cth) 2004

For her education, FRCS (JCIE) is an intercollegiate examination and M. Surg. is abbreviation for a local Master of Surgery. Both are accredited for the National Specialist Registrar and in MMC recognised list. 

They are not holders of FRCS International which is NOT accredited for NSR! 

All passed before 2017 dateline when the power of accreditation and recognition of foreign degrees was transferred from Jawatankuasa Khas Perubatan (JKP) to MMC to ensure independence and neutrality in decisions.

MATVCS playing dirty and underhanded

The "syndicate" is getting dirtier, more underhanded and unscrupulous to get their way and ignoring the law. Sharing below response from the CONCERNED CITIZEN & CT SURGEON:

Statement 10: All is fair in love and war

The end justifies the means. This is probably the principles that the supporters of the unrecognised parallel program are following. 

They are now raging war with the Law, flooding the internet via social media with false information through their unscrupulous influencers. 

They are hoping to influence the public and twist the arms of the authorities to relent to the pressures and sympathetic pleas to help the 4 doctors who have passed the FRCS International exams but not being recognised and not allowed to get registered on to NSR (National Specialist Register). 

They also claim that the diploma was initially in the list but subsequently taken off by people with sinister agenda.   

Major manipulations 

More recently, they manage to manipulate young inexperienced politicians who are hungry to find fame and championing a noble worthy cause. And this issue seem like such a cause. 

Not one but 3 politicians, who are a Senator and MPs; YBs Howard Lee, Dr. Kelvin Yi and Dr Lingeshwaran are trumping the drums of war harder and harder to pressure our Honourable Minister of Health and Minister of Higher Education to "do the right thing" to correct this so-called "technical error". 

Many more politicians will probably jump in to the bandwagon soon too. 

Our gracious and soft spoken DG of Health who is also Chairman of MMC, is being criticised for saying what is a matter of fact. FOLLOW THE LAW. I 100% agree with him. He is a wise man. 

Lies, lies and more lies. 

Howard Lee started by questioning why we are not taking the 4 doctors to be NSR certified because the country needs more CT Surgeons. 

Dr. Kelvin Yi confidently announced that there was already 7 Cardiothoracic specialists who were from the Parallel Program and were given the NSR certification and so demanded that the 4 unfortunate doctors be given the NSR certification because precedent has already been set. 

He even gave the NSR numbers of the previous 7 doctors. He however made a fool of himself by sticking his neck on the chopper board because these doctors, who were NSR certified, had degrees recognised in Malaysia.  

For your information, FRCS (JCIE) is an Intercollegiate diploma and M. Surg - Local Masters of Surgery in which both are NSR accredited. Non of the above are FRCS International which is not NSR accredited 

Enough is enough 

We must do something because these unscrupulous parallel program supporters are resorting to lies to get the FRCS International NSR certified and unapologetically use these young politicians to be the front players of their cause. This is unethical and morally wrong. 

Let’s all be clear. This is NOT a technical issue as claimed by MP Dr. Lingeswaran. This is a FUNDAMENTAL issue

The diploma was NEVER in the list. Even arguably if it was, MMC realised that the FRCS International was not the diploma it claimed to be. 

The MATCVS committee had purposely misinformed the MMC about the status of recognition as they are still doing today. Due diligence on the part of the MMC realised the error, and quickly corrected what was wrongly advised to them in the first place. 

Fundamentally, the FRCS International cannot be recognised in Malaysia because the Law says that a degree NOT recognised in their home country cannot be recognised in Malaysia. So again I emphasise that this is not a technical issue but an issue about fundamentals. 

Bending or changing the Law will taint our reputation and integrity as responsible institutions created to protect the people of Malaysia. Changing the Law may be quite easily done, but its implications will be far and wide and will result in negative impacts as i had mentioned in my previous articles. 

We have a good solution 

Why go in this direction to amend the Law? 

A solution is already available. A solution that is very reasonable, acceptable, can rapidly correct all that is wrong. 

The solution is to absorb these candidates into the UiTM Masters/Doctoral programs and map them all into the various levels based on their experiences. 

With regards to Adun YB Howard Lee’s comments; yes the country needs more CT surgeons. But a better statement would be to produce more safe and fully qualified NSR certified specialist who have been properly vetted to serve our citizen.  

Let’s ask our MOH Consultants to do more government cases and less private surgeries. Do private work after office hours instead of during government working hours. By doing so, the waiting list can be reduced and monitors of these young inexperienced doctors can be done better, so that they can become better specialists under proper guidance. 

Rumours or facts?

I heard this directly from the horse’s mouth. 

There are rumours of high POMR (Post Operative Mortality Rate) for 2023 around 50 cases. In simple term, every week someone died after open heart surgery and this is not good

POMR refers to the rate of death that occurs within a 30 days period after a surgical procedure. It's typically expressed as a percentage and is an important indicator of the safety and effectiveness of surgical interventions. It is often used in healthcare quality assessment and research to evaluate surgical outcomes and identify areas for improvement in patient care.

There are also rumours of complains by Junior Medical Officers of bullying and harassment by Parallel Program candidates in various hospitals, poor operative result leading to these doctors being brought up to hospital enquiries. 

I have the evidence but please check. This shows poor monitoring and management of a training program. As I said before in my other articles, these part time educators have no business running a training program like this in this country. Leave it to the professional educators in the universities to do this. 

Afterall, this is what we do fulltime. 

Menegak benang yang basah

I am sad to say but these unscrupulous people, in their attempts to get this illegal program to be legalised, they have lost their moral and ethical compass and have no qualms lying. They are not credible to give advise anymore. 

All the twisted information to confuse everyone have complicated the issues. Let us look beyond all the distractions and see clearly that this Parallel Program cannot be legalised because in its fundamental core, it is not recognised in its home country thus we have no business trying to bend over our backs recognising it. 

GMC UK has washed their hands off, so should we. 

Red flags

I would like to remind all of us again, that there are red flags already seen to include: 

    • increase POMR, graduated parallel program brought up to hospital enquiry for high mortality rate; 
    • poor judgment in choosing cases within their limitations; 
    • poor or zero supervision. Medical Officers  and Anaesthetist complain that Consultants always not around because busy doing private practice in other private hospitals with their names up on the board, and not around to supervise trainees who are doing surgeries n management post op cases; and 
    • reports by younger doctors of harassment and bullying by parallel program candidates;  

This show poor monitoring of their candidates, reflect on the quality of the program itself and those who run it. They are just not qualified to run such a program. This occurs because they are doing this on a part time basis, juggling their public service, private practice and teaching commitments. 

If we allow this to continue by recognising the unrecognised program, we will perpetuate the problem until such a time disaster happens or problems become irreversible. I challenge you to check what I have said. 


(First do no harm)    

 Updated 30/3 11:00 AM


Anonymous said...

Please show your evidence of rumours of complains by Junior Medical Officers of bullying and harassment by Parallel Program candidates in various hospitals

this is a very wrong and serious accusation, your points are irrelevant, baseless and full of hatred to the young surgeons

also POMR has always been there as this also depends on patient factors, hospital and facilities, it is multifactorial, please do not put the blame on the junior surgeons, again if you can provide evidence, i doubt you can't

A Voice said...

You ask for evidence and before it could be answered you already jump to conclude as "irrelevant, baseless and full of hatred" and pitting us against "the young surgeons".
Then you request again for evidence and immediately say "i doubt you can't". Do make up your mind, doctor. You are supposed to be smart in school. Is that the best you can?

Obviously anonymous, you made up your mind and not interested in the evidence. So why bother to ask for evidence? And why would I bother to share with such attitude. That is if I wish to share?

Being someone quite advance in age and guess have the worldly experience to advice. Mine would be not to close your mind and be prejudiced by what you want to hear i.e. premeditated ignorance. What was shared in our vocation or profession or game or whatever one may describe this pursuit is called "giving you a lead". No way by your own that you can know everything. You can choose to ignore it at your peril.

The few articles given out gave a long list of points and lengthy explanations attached. But you choose to nitpick this one with the hope it would discredit my writings. That is too basic a propaganda. You have lots to learn.

This is a fight between one measly blogger who hardly cares about readership or coverage against a seemingly well funded and extensive propaganda machinery. Yet you are so worried of this lightweight blog. Too telling. I am just about bored with this issue and wish to move on to other more exciting stuff. This comment encouraging me to write on.

By the way, the info did not come from me but established, experienced and respectable people in your profession. You will be surprise where it is coming from. Guess these schoolboy bookworms think they are so smart and can get away to abuse their respectable position to lie and deceive the public.