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Saravanan man, Dato Malik implicated in an Indian drug bust

The September 2023 enquiry on Dato Malik Dashtigeer's July arrest by MACC has no development yet and there is the likelihood that there is no case against alleged human trafficking former Minister Dato Saravanan's "business associate".

He is now implicated in an international drug syndicate involving India, Australia and New Zealand. The reporter inferring of his involvement claimed it involves Malaysia too. 

And, Malaysians apparently has a notorious reputation in the illegal drug trade. One was arrested early in the year in a drug bust involving an international drug trafficking syndicate.   

Five days ago on March 9th, the Narcotic Control Bureau of India (NBI) busted an India-Australia-New Zealand drug racket of pseudoephedrine involving a Tamil Film Producer, Jaffer Saddiq.  Four others were arrested in a warehouse in Delhi.

Adding a twist of this news, Senior Reporter and owner of media Savukku, A. Shankar made an allegation in an interview on Youtube that Malaysia is part of the drug racket and the boss to Jaffer is a Malaysian and influential in the Tamil film industry. 

The Youtube link is here for those who could comprehend Tamil. 

In the interview, which attracted 440,000 hits, Malaysiakini reported that an undisclosed name Malaysian is the boss and has close links with Tamil celebrities.

The reporter suggested his arrest could lead to those involved from the Tamil film industry.

Drugs exchanged for gold bar

Immediately implicated is Dato Malik, who is known as an Indian movie distributor and organised Indian performers to Malaysia. 

According to Facebooker Zaharin Md Yasin, whose been making regular comment lately on police and their work, all those arrested are linked to the same village in India. The drugs are exchanged for golf bar.

So happen, Corporate Secret whistleblowing blog claimed the raid on Dato Malik's premise by MACC last year found assets, which include RM38 million cash, 17 luxury cars and 200 kg of gold bar. That is more gold than the Aman Palestine raid. 

The Tamil entertainment business for a 6% Indian population is surprisingly too rewarding. Any amateur Sherlock Holmes would have suspected. 

Meanwhile, the police is seeking for more information on the allegation. Bukit Aman's Narcotic Department has no bilateral arrangement with NCB. Communication with NCB will be made via Interpol and US's DEA. 

So far IGP said they have no information linking any Malaysian with Jaffer. Or it could be a decoy?

Dato Malik denied any involvement and claimed never met Jaffer. He immediately instructed his lawyers in Malaysia and India to take legal action against the reporter.  

Why did he "melatah" or as the Cantonese described, kan cheong too soon, asked Zaharin Md Yasin.

UPDATE 17/3 3:30 PM:

The following video was uploaded on this Tik Tok account here:

The guy in light blue at far right is Jaffer and Dato Malik is seen next to him. 

He may not know him, but definitely Dato Malik have met Jaffer. And, if the claim that they came from the same kampong in India is true, he has much explanation to do with the police.  

Malaysians and drug traficking

According to NCB, Jaffer handled 45 consignments to various countries in the last 3 years and it involved 3,500 kg of pseudoephedrine. 

Money from the drug sales were laundered in legitimate business such as filmmaking, construction and hospitality. 

Malaysians have been long known to be involved in drug trafficking. Recently it was uncovered that beyond local peddling and distriution but international drug syndicates.

But major drug bust seldom reach the court. Why was there no charges made on the 2019 drug bust in Penang involving cocaine from Columbia worth RM2.4 billion

It was bigger than the drug bust in Shah Alam the same year worth half a billion ringgit.         

In January, a Malaysian fugitive wanted as a drug kingpin by Thailand was arrested in Laos. According to Thai police, the suspect is involved in an international drug syndicate and contribute to 70% of drug trafficking in Thailand

The man from Parit Buntar and married to a Thai is linked to a local drug syndicate. He will face prosecution in Thailand.

Moneygame scam operators are known to bankroll drug trafficking businesses across the border. 

A Malaysian politicians' bag carrier and fund raiser have been known to be in a PLC company with an FBI wanted international drug lord and convicted murderer. 

Not surprising if the weak enforcememt that Bursa Malaysia is a haven to laundet drug money. Underworld talk mentioned of a rubber manufacturing company.

A PLC had a known drug trafficking suspect as member of the Board of Directors. Can SC and Bursa in cooperation with law enforcement vet through such appointments?

Alas, a retailing company long suspected by law enforcement to be involved in money laundering and probably drug money will be going for listing soon. 


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