Monday, September 25, 2023

Could local rice shortage be exploited to topple the government?

There is a rumour being circulated on social media claiming Prime Minister Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim has taken over the importation of rice. 

The modus operandi of the takeover and a logical distribution mechanism for the imported rice is not mentioned. Yet the slander goes on to accuse Anwar intentionally making local rice (SST) unavailable to enable him to profiteer from the high retail price of imported rice (SSI). 

BERNAS is the sole authorised importer and "manager" of government allocated subsidy for rice. The rumour could be laughed off as naive and outright dumb. 

However, in the light of the expressed intention of PAS and PN leaders to "tebuk atap" (hack the rooftop) and topple the unity government, it cannot be simply brushed off.  

It may not be a long shot to assume Tun Mahathir and Tun Daim will exploit the DNAA of Zahid's money laundering case and current shortage of local rice to spark a public unrest. 

A hungry stomach is the tipping point to revolution.   

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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Rafizi not wrong on eating out

Economic Minister, Rafizi is getting lots of brickbat for saying Malaysians' habit and addiction of eating out is taking a bite out of their income. 

He is not wrong in his assessment. In fact, this blogger have taken the same position for quite a long time. 

Its just his bad luck for sharing an unpopular view in the midst of social media getting back at "Minister Formula" for his GST statement to reintroduce the cancelled tax regime. Indirectly, he admitted wrong for his past criticism of Dato Najib for implementing the GST.  

To be fair, eating out is a different issue and its indicative of  Malaysians negative habit to complain and in-denial of reality. 

To Malaysians, particularly urbanites, spending quality family time is equated with eating out. This compares with middle American preference for family cookout. 

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Monday, September 18, 2023

The plight of ehailing gig workers

Changing times: ehailing drivers and food delivery riders are finding it hard to make ends meet in the current situation. — FAIHAN GHANI/The Star

The good times are over

As earnings dry up, gig workers have to consider other options


The Star Monday, 18 Sep 2023

GEORGE TOWN: The dream of making thousands of ringgit a month as a gig driver or food delivery rider is over.

Higher competition, the end of Covid-19 pandemic movement restrictions as well as changes in fee structures mean that gig drivers and riders are now earning less than what they used to make during the pandemic.

“The time for that is over, especially for delivery riders who used to make thousands of ringgit a month just because eating out was not allowed then during the pandemic (lockdowns),” said sociologist Prof Chin Yee Whah of Universiti Sains Malaysia.

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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Malicious prosecution happens

Ganesan of GK TV gave 13 reasons of his own in his attempt to rebut the 11 Attorney General's explanation for deciding to not proceed with Zahid Hamidi's Yayasan Akal Budi case with the 47 charges. It is the fourth in his four part series of rebuttal.     

Though this blogger is no lawyer, one can't help but noticed weaknesses in his well-prosed in the most immaculate English arguments. 

Ganesan seemed to be either under hallucination or lost in a utopian dream that all is well and honourable with the professionals and institutions handling judiciary, prosecution, and investigation in Malaysia. 

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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Barbie world Malaysia view and Zahid's DNAA decision

Interesting take by Prof Dr Mohd Tajuddin on Zahid's DNAA decision in his column, "Bangsa Johor triumphs over PN's Bangsa Melayu rhetoric and civil society outbursts", in The Star Sunday. 

It could partly be due to Zahid being more palatable to the Professor cum DAP politician since UMNO is in bed with DAP via the cooperation between BN and PH. 

However, his narrative is more refreshing  than the widepread prejudicial presumption and prejudgement of Zahid. One can read it here or the excerpt at the end of this posting. 

The presumption and prejudgement may have derived from the unrealistic expectation of the public and perhaps, politicians and civil society of this imperfect world. 

Dr Tajuddin rebutted it to basically tell 'em it ain't no Barbie world, below:

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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Any update on July arrest of Saravanan's moneyman, Dato Malik?

The socmed is focussed on DPP's decision to not proceed with the 47 charges against Zahid. Controversy arise why after Prima Facie was established. There is also pre-emptive moves speculation.

Will deal with the issue later. Its a subject for RCI on Mahathir, Tommy Thomas and Latheefa Koya. 

More interesting, the news on gambling-linked corruption to politician, which Sabahkini2 had a scoop here, suddenly disappeared from English and Chinese media portal. 

Only reports available are of RGB Director out on bail, and denied of any arrest. Strange indeed because the MACC round-up held up 13 people including 4 Tan Sri in which one is a Muslim Melayu and Hamzah Zainuddin touted to be the recipient. Did someone pay off the MSM to pull down their reports?    

It reminded of Abdul Malik Dasthigeer or known as Dato Malik, who is widely believed to be the proxy and bag carrier for M Saravanan cum a man of various business exploits and wealth. 

He was arrested and investigated for money laundering and reported on July 23rd to have been released on bail. Other media also gave wide coverage to his release similar to RGB. Similar isn't it? So what happen to his case?

Anti-MACC and PDRM whistleblower and PN sympathiser, Edisi Siasat accused it is also hushed hushed.

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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Merdeka! Or Merdeka?

The never ending search for Jiwa Merdeka.

Independence Day (Malay: Hari Merdeka), also known as National Day (Hari Kebangsaan), is the independence day of the Federation of Malaya from Britain. 

It commemorates the Malayan Declaration of Independence on 31 August 1957, and is defined in article 160 of the Constitution of Malaysia.

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Friday, August 25, 2023

Noor Hisham's deception led to the death of tens of thousands?

Throughout the pandemic, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham was adamant that his assessment and prescription  of Corona Covid 19 was the only one acceptable. 

He refuted any incident of AEFI side effect from the Pfizer vaccine. Despite it is part of an established treatment protocol and no proven medicine available, Ivermectin was brushed aside as hoax. MRNA vaccine was forcibly imposed.

In June, Noor Hisham finally admitted "wrong" during a cross examination in the trial of Dr Roland Victor charged under the Multimedia and Communication Act. 

Few days ago Murray Hunter revealed deceptive and oppressive methods were applied to deny the public access to other professional medical options, public discussion supressed, freedom of information and free speech denied covertly, and the truth hidden. 

The power accorded to the DG of MOH under various health laws gave him unfettered power to tower over Ministers and KSUs. The monster created under Tan Sri Muhyiddin's emergency rule became dictatorially arrogant, and negligent

Noor Hisham should be made responsible for the death of tens of thousands of Malaysians. We lost a dear cousin. Our nephews and niece lost the family breadwinner. 

He deserved to be charged as a criminal or the least, sued out of his pension or any possible ill-gotten gains claimed the rumours then. 

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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Similar to sex scandals, are voters also indifferent to corruption issues?

Troubling questions about politics and corruption

Are voters taking a softer stance against instances of corruption in politics?

A. Kathirasen - 17 Aug 2023, 7:00am


Perikatan Nasional (PN) performed very well in the Aug 12 state elections in Penang, Kedah, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Terengganu and Kelantan, winning 146 of the 245 seats contested.

It proved stronger than the Pakatan Harapan-Barisan Nasional combination despite a concerted attack by PH-BN against its leaders over corruption allegations.

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Thursday, August 17, 2023

Pestech: Told you so, MAHB

Pursuant to articles on mother blog, Another Brick in the Wall dated May 26 2021, June 14 2021, July 1 2021, and Aug 1st 2021, our reaction to the latest development on MAHB is "told you so".  

MAHB was long overdue for a new aerotrain. They are not wrong to put out the tender. And the delay by Pestech caused a major embarassment to the country. Foreign passengers were forced to walk when it finally broke down on the way to the terminal.  

MAHB may have comforted themselves with the assurance from Pestech that the problem faced by contractor will be resolved in due time when MACC moved in back in March 2022 in relation to the Aerotrain tender. They never did. 

Efforts to save MAHB from the embarassment of a wrong decision were made, including by this blog and more by The Edge. The tip-off from informer then were quite revealing and right, but was held back from publication to save MAHB the embarassment. 

The then tender committee chairman Tan Sri Dato Zainon Ali was persistent to not allow further delay and proceed with a decision. It was overwhelming that the then Chairman Dato Dr Zambery Kadeer conceded.      

Two years down the road, this happened. For God and Country, we done our part ...

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Friday, August 11, 2023

Two "bombs", and TSMY, family and PN is gone

Sinar Harian highlighted the potential result for tomorrow's 6 state elections at 3-3. It is similar to this blog's prediction for status quo. The Star was non-committal in tandem with the non-Malay media pushing for non-Malay voters to not take things for granted.  

A PAS-dominated PN win spells disaster for the economy. Bursa could plunge to 1,200, Ringgit to 5.00 and FDI plans cancel. The offensive campaign against PAS in Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu have serious impact on market confidence in the event PN come out dominantly victorious.  

Coming close to polling day, one can expect last minute "bombs" released. Other than the illegal rare earth mining, which is suspected to be state condoned smuggling activity, two "election bombs" were released on PN few days ago. A draw is likely, but a surprise in favour of Unity Government is not out of the question. 

A wave is developing from the urban campaign and two "bombs". One was the lawsuit by Tan Sri Halim Saad on Tun Dr Mahathir and Tan Sri Nor Mohammed Yakcop. 

The second being the announcement by Tn Sri Azam Baki of Tan Sri Muhyiddin's son-in-law running from the law. 

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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Madani is "Ekonomi Rakyat", not Madanon

The nomination date for the unnecessary six state election will be this Saturday, July 29th and polling will be on August 12th. 

Contrary to the claim by political soothsayers linked to Tun Dr Mahathir, Tun Daim, Perikatan Nasional and sympathisers, the election result is unlikely to change the  federal government. 

More so, should the outcome is a status quo 3-3 for Unity Government and Perikatan Nasional. Thus it is high time to bury the confusion created by PN to question the legitimacy of the Unity Government and refer it as Madani government. 

Since there were no clear winner for GE15, the multi-coalition government had to forego their 2022 election manifesto. Madani plan was concocted and the joint effort is more reflective of the peoples' hope than drastic cut in petrol prices. 

Today, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim unveiled the country's economic direction as the theme "Madani Economy: Empowering the people". 

It presented Madani as a serious effort to change for the better than the meaningless Madanon labeling on social media which is a pun on Anwar's nicname.  

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Monday, July 10, 2023

Is 97-year old Mahathir relevant?

July 7th 2023

Happy Birthday Sir, but ALL truths do matter!

Dear TDM,

You will be 97 years old next week. My Dad, and your personal friend, lived to be 96 and eleven months; and, moved on to meet his maker! You must have lived healthier! 

Sir, I speak from my heart, as would my Dad in any conversation with me about you! I have always admired you for most of my life while in Public Services, but truthfully for the first time in my life I am having sincere doubts about what your real AGENDA is. I think I hinted this to you when we last met in your Albukhary Office! 

My fear however is you are trying to finally become a ‘Malay Warrior,’ now, almost by default and by the end of your life. But with your rich Malabari heritage you will always be an Indian Muslim, and never a Malay, in a very popular sense! Regardless of all the many manipulations!

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Sunday, July 2, 2023

Mysterious Immigration Lane 41 at KLIA

The aviation industry had long been the platform this blog (originally ABITW) built its reputation. From issues relating to MAS, Khazanah Nasional, AirAsia, and Malaysia Airport to even attempts to delve into non-commercial aviation of military. 

Naturally the recent happening at KLIA does not pass this blogger's attention. It does not require much effort to know which side is probably right, which is wrong, and whose the real culprit. 

Off course, knowledge of the online and social media political game helps. 

The moment it is known BebasNews was the news portal breaking and viraling the KLIA incident one can sense it is political and the sleight hands of Dr Mahathir and PN camp

MOTAC Minister, Dato Tiong King Sing stormed into KLIA to salvage a situation in which Immigration denied entry for a female tourist from China. She had not committed any past offense that placed her in the NTL (not to land) list, but was denied. 

The authorities may have their reasons or excuses, depending on one's siding for or against Immigration authorities but allegedly, an agent approached the tourist for payment of RM3,000 per person and totals up to RM18,000 for her entourage to "smoothen" her entry. 

It is long known in the industry that tourists or visitors are victimised by Immigration. Those conceding to pay will be directed to queue at the infamous Lane 41 and all will be well. 

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Monday, June 26, 2023

Nizom's answer to tax reform is GST

Widening the tax net - Edge Weekly

"If the system is good, there are very small leakages and the actual revenue is collected, obviously the tax rate will go down.” — Mohd Nizom

By Chester Tay and Esther Lee / The Edge Malaysia

22 Jun 2023, 02:00 pm

This article first appeared in The Edge Malaysia Weekly on June 12, 2023 - June 18, 2023

THE atmosphere was tense, with lawsuits and dispute cases piling up, when Inland Revenue Board (IRB) CEO Datuk Mohd Nizom Sairi took the helm about 20 months ago. He has done a good job since he took up the role in October 2021 if one uses the size of the tax collection as the main key performance indicator (KPI).

IRB’s gross direct tax collection last year was a record high of RM175.4 billion, a 21.75% increase from RM144.1 billion in 2021. And Mohd Nizom is confident that Malaysia will see a fresh record this year.

The amount collected was 9.5% or RM15.2 billion higher than the Ministry of Finance’s (MoF) estimate of RM160.2 billion for 2022.

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Monday, June 19, 2023

Is Mahathir, Daim each 4-5 times Kuok's net worth?

Raja Petra's recent revelation of a letter from Tan Sri Halim Saad to Tun Dr Mahathir wih regard to UMNO's allegedly lost RM100 billion asset caused an excitement within both the corporate and political circle. 

The UMNO Veteran Secretary General, Dato Mustapha Yaacob begin to raise questions over it. 

Question he should because both Mahathir and Daim insist to remain Trustee for UMNO's assets which include the party headquarter and adjoining convention centre. And, Halim's letter claimed he paid for the construction. 

After 2018 BN lost, Mahathir and Daim almost succeeded to pressure UMNO to sell but pressure from few vocal MT members halted its transfer. 

It is widely believed within the remain of the Team B faction of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah that UMNO's assets in the form of Fleet Group were stolen by Mahathir and Daim

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Monday, June 5, 2023

Time the truth on Tajudin, MAS to come out

This poster sprang up on the social media prior to GE14 following an anonymous video recording by a snooper. Subsequently a formal interview was conducted with Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli, the former Chairman of MAS and founder of Celcom. 

Although Mahathir went on to win Langkawi and subsequently became Prime Minister again, the Malays and Malaysians yet again realised too late the disaster he is capable of doing. 

Now he is at it again and the gullible Malay will likely mudah lupa. Nevertheless, lets put the political hantu raya and his self-serving motivation on hold first.  

The recent Pandora Paper investigation on Tun Daim in which it is heard Halim Saad, Nor Mohamed Yakcop, Mokhzani Mahathir, Mukhriz Mahathir, most likely Mirzan Mahathir, and others were called in by MACC. 

It is timely that Newswav portal made a call on MACC to investigate Tajudin. 

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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Under Hamzah, what happen to the RM2.4 billion Penang cocaine bust?

In the midst of PN politicians eagerness to take potshots at Anwar following Azalina's Parliament reply MACC confirmed no proof to link the coalition's political funding with gambling operators, a man appeared at MACC yesterday to offer evidence.

Talking about vices, two months ago a prankster sent Rafizi samples of cannabis products. It is possibly an attempt to convince him and Anwar on the medicinal, health and other uses of cannabis to legalise it. Since it is Rafizi, it was politicise.

Having exposed the link between a renown Macau gangster, Wan Kuok Koi and a former IGP and a Sultan's buddypoliticising of gambling and cannabis are games for wimps. Lets get down to the real dirty business of hardcore illegal drug trade.

There are  possible links to Corporate Mafia. The boss Victor Chin, not unexpectedly, was called in by MACC on Monday. Raya is really over.

In September 2019, police made the biggest drug bust in Penang in which 12 tonnes of cocaine worth RM2.4 billion seized. This is larger than the Shah Alam drug bust worth half a billion in August the same year.

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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Victor/Victor .... Raya is over

Le Jazz Hot 

MACC will not tolerate misconduct among its personnel, says complaints committee chairman Asariah Mior Shaharuddin.

10 MACC officers sacked for involvement in criminal activities

Published on: Friday, May 05, 2023

By: Bernama

PUTRAJAYA: Twenty-three Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) personnel have been subjected to disciplinary action, including dismissal for misconduct, from 2020 to 2022.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Selamat Hari Raya, Victor Chin

Ruichi Sakamoto's composition for the 1983 movie, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence became a Christmas music in the US, Britain and Japan. 

The movie title is pun using the coming Hari Raya celebration to dedicate to the man in pursuit, Victor Chin. 

Set during World War II, the movie depicted a British colonel who "tries to bridge the cultural divides between a British P.O.W. and the Japanese camp commander in order to avoid blood-shed." 

The current Malaysian setting is the head of Corporate Mafia attempting to avoid financial blood-shed. 

He is already facing dissension within his fold, Banks pulling back credit lines, and dam bursting that could lead him and his syndicate of criminal involving network into law enforcement rounded up and charged for crimes. 

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Monday, March 27, 2023

To QE or not QE? That is the SVB crisis question!

Andrew Sheng and Tan Yi Kai/The Edge Malaysia

March 21, 2023 13:45 pm +08

The sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has sent shock waves and ripples from the US outwards. Two other American banks have also closed, one voluntarily (Silvergate Bank) and the other (Signature Bank) was taken over by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), causing even Japanese bank shares to tumble for a few days. 

Credit Suisse is now embroiled in the contagion. Even as the US Treasury, Federal Reserve and FDIC raced over the weekend to stop contagion by guaranteeing all deposits exceeding the US$250,000 (RM1.1 million) deposit guarantee limit, serious questions were being asked. 

Where did SVB slip up? Was this a regulatory failure? Is this systemic with worldwide implications? 

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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Kedah MB-condoned illegal pursuit for RM43 trillion REE?

A general view of an alleged illegal rare earth mining process lab in Bukit Enggang, Sik. - NSTP file pic

NST Leader: Malaysia, a can-do-anything country?

March 23, 2023 @ 12:01am

If Malaysia doesn't get serious, it may turn into a can-do-anything country. Not just for Malaysians, but for foreigners, too. Yes, the Wild Wild East.

Take rare earth mining in Bukit Enggang, Sik, Kedah. Here is how to go "wild wild" there. Just fly in as a tourist from China, take a few excavators to Bukit Enggang and mine the rare earth elements (REE) away. And if it is a forest reserve, all the better for you get logs as a bonus.

When asked about approval, just say the government has given the go-ahead. No one will know given the secrecy shrouding the project. 

That's exactly what a Chinese national did until he was arrested on Sept 26 with a lorry-load of REE. He paid a compound of RM630,000 and walked away a free man when he should have been jailed and banned from entering Malaysia again.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Bursa should take control of Revenue account

Without anyone to carry the can, Bursa Malaysia should seize control of Revenue Group Berhad. 

Subsequently, Bursa should appoint an auditor to manage the company's accounts to safeguard the company and shareholders from criminal vultures.

Failing which, the almost RM70 million cash in the company could be squandered by the group dubbed by The Corporate Secret as Corporate Mafia.    

On Monday, the estranged founders of Revenue submitted their resignation. Extract of The Edge report below:

Two and a half months after their executive functions were suspended, Revenue Group Bhd executive directors Brian Ng Shih Chiow and Dino Ng Shih Fang have resigned from the board of the e-payments service provider. Brian and Dino’s departure from the board effective Monday (March 20) was “due to [them] not [wanting] to be on the same board of directors with the current directors”. While the brothers have vacated their executive director post, Dino remains as the group’s largest shareholder with 85.38 million shares or a 17.71% stake.

FMT headlined the resignation as a surprise, but since the former MD cum Chairman, Eddie Ng resigned and off-loaded all his shares (and at the same time, committed insider trading), it is not so. 

The Ng brothers pre-empted from being the "last man standing" in the Board of Directors and end up holding the baby left by the Corporate Mafia. 

According to blog nuclearbursaman, more than RM20 million cash faded from the  company books and more at risk under the cloak of receivables and bank borrowings.

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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Enbloc resignation at Revenue to protest Corporate Mafia fix up

On Tuesday, the Founders of Revenue Group Berhad were charged by MACC over a superflous offense for changing the resignation on a car won from a lucky draw car from CIMB. 

For the relatively petty and technical-in-nature offense, the MACC Investigating Officer froze the personal Bank accounts and shares belonging to Brian and Dino Ng.  

However, the staff and management seemed unconvinced by the charges. In protest to the seemingly obvious fix up job by the Corporate Mafia group exposed by The Corporate Secret , the key staff running the payment gateway system at Revenue have apparently resigned enbloc. 

Among them are three Senior Managers, Subsidiary Managing Director, and technical Team Leaders.

Despite having an armed guard to protect the server, the payment gateway system is deemed not secured and safe for use as payment without the technical personnel. 

The new management attempted to entice the staff to stay with offer to raise pay by as much as three times but to no avail.

Without the presence of the Founders in the company, the Banks, Credit Card Companies and Bank Negara Malaysia will lose confidence on the system and likely to pullout. 

Without the technical personnel to running the system, the asset will be deemed useless to the company. 

Sources claimed the MACC officers and DPP privately claimed they were under instruction from MACC Chief Commissioner, Tan Sri Azam Baki to charge. 

However, it does not make sense for the top boss to indulge in petty offense in the midst of the Jana Wibawa debacle. More so it is demeaning for a corruption enforcement agency to be pursuing non-corruption case such as alleged car theft. 

There has to be a powerful hand calling the shots for officials to be blatantly daring to act for the interest of an allegedly underworld-linked group.    

Edge reported on Tuesday:

Revenue Group co-founders charged with disposing of a company vehicle illegally

Timothy Achariam/

March 14, 2023 12:48 pm +08

KUALA LUMPUR (March 14): Revenue Group Bhd co-founders Brian Ng Shih Chiow and Dino Ng Shih Fang were charged in the Sessions Court here on Tuesday (March 14) with fraudulently causing a bank employer to dispose of a vehicle belonging to the company without a resolution from its board of directors.

Brian Ng
The brothers had claimed trial by pleading not guilty to the charge before judge Rozina Ayob.

In the charge which was read out to them in court, the brothers had, in order to achieve common intention, allegedly misled and fraudulently caused an officer of CIMB Bank Bhd to dispose of company property, which was a Toyota Vellfire, on Oct 3, 2018.

The charge further stated that the brothers had allegedly registered the car under Dino’s name without the resolution of the board.;

The charge was framed under Section 403 of the Penal Code and is punishable under the same Act.

Dino Ng
If found guilty, the duo could face imprisonment of between six months and five years, with whipping, and are also liable to a fine.

Deputy public prosecutor Raya Low Chin How prosecuted, while the duo were represented by former Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioners Tan Sri Dzulkifli Ahmad and Amer Hamzah Arshad.

The DPP asked for a bail amount of RM20,000 per accused in one surety and for their passports to be surrendered by the court.

However, Hamzah objected to the amount and asked that they be released on a personal bond.

“This is because this isn’t an offence; what is actually happening is an ongoing corporate dispute between members of the board which are split in two separate camps,” he said.

He also alluded to this group called the “corporate mafia” which is allegedly planning a hostile takeover of the company, which is the reason the brothers were charged.

“Even the media carried out news report known as ‘corporate mafia’ to do a hostile takeover; now they’re (the brothers are) under attack,” Hamzah said.

Hamzah alleged that the “corporate mafia” had made the report against the brothers at the MACC.

However, the judge said that these are mere allegations, as there were no affidavits or police reports about it.

The court then set a bail amount of RM10,000 each in one surety.

She then set a case mention on April 14.

The fact that the bail amount is set at a mere RM10,000 and passport not withdrawn for a prisonable offense indicate the judge is not convince on the gravity of the case. A source claim the freezing of the Bank account and shares have yet to receive endorsement by the court. 

In addition, the conduct of the investigation is marred with inappropriate practices that will likely be responded by police reports and civil lawsuits against various parties. 

In a lucky draw, the Revenue Group won a lucky draw conducted by CIMB. In view of the tax implication on the company, the two Ng brothers and then Managing Director Eddie Ng agreed and requested on CIMB to transfer the ownership to Dino Ng. The car had always been used for company purpose. 

Victor Chin is known in the underworld for his car business thus the familiarity with car registeration process to pick up on such misdeamenour offenses is only expected. He may have conveniently picked on this petty issue as facade to justifiy the permanent remove of the Ng brothers.  

The Corporate Mafia expect the Ng brothers to fight back to buy control of Revenue. However, they went the other way to sell and they are stuck with diminishing value in the view of the latest quarterly losses and the bearish market. 

It explains for the poorly concocted and executed hostile takeover plan aided by some invisible hands dictating MACC.   

In the meanwhile, Eddie was caught doing short selling prior to announcing the bad result. He has since sold all his shares and resigned from the company. He joins his other three conspirers who has resigned earlier

Eddie can run but he cannot hide. Stock up on the popcorn. More episode coming up. One of the party will end in prison. With the IGP in pursuit of the Corporate Mafia, the better bet is not the Ng brothers. The walls will come down on Victor Chin and the corrupted MACC officers.  

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Friday, March 10, 2023

Is the SC another Corporate Mafia group?

Ah! Plez Nuclearbursaman ... 

"ONE blog, which seems to be ahead of the rest, when it comes to the real underworld's involvement in the corporate world"?

That's too much compliment for a blog still not fully unblock by MCMC and short of hits. Ran out of handphones and laptops to give investigators whenever any complain arise. Just got one back yesterday. 

With a background in financial market, stocks & shares and observing corporate, its just natural instinct to put two and two together. 

The same method applies in politics. Unfortunate that political watchers lack the corporate background, thus unable to "follow the money" to anticipate the politics. 

Since the explosive revelation by The Corporate Secret (TCS) website on Victor Chin and its link to going-ons at Revenue, Green Packet, Caely and other PLCs, the mysterious, detailed, and revealing blog gave updates on Victor Chin's plan to restructure Revenue in the March 13 AGM

They plan to bring in corroborating former BNM and SC officials and their rep from their previously acquired PLCs into Revenue. 

If the speed Victor Chin is being apprehended, asset frozen and Investigation Paper forwarded to AG, is anything to go by, will the same be expected of Chong Loong?

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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Police should use POCA in probe on Corporate Mafia, Victor Chin

Over the weekend, an explosive story went viral on an underworld-linked syndicate involved in corporate piracy to undertaking a hostile takeover of public-listed companies using MACC's officers to abuse AMLA to freeze accounts of targetted companies and shareholders

It answered this blog's curiosity on the happenings at Revenue Group Berhad here and here. At the same time, it explained the exploratory link between Hong Seng Consolidated Berhad to the happenings in Revenue and Ooi Chieng Sim, the ex Chairman who quit a BOD of a PLC amid a drug bust in 2019

In the previous postings, the group involved in the hostile and illegal takeover of Revenue is believed to use the same modus operandi of the collusion of law enforcement at Green Packet and former Caely Holdings Berhad (now Classita Holdings). 

The same website's latest exposure here revealed Khairy Jamaluddin link to Green Packet through his man and current Chairman, Dato Firmanshah Ang bin Muhammad @ Dax, which indirectly linked them to the underworld syndicate.     

Apparently, there was a police report made by Caelygirl and police have move in on the report following the weekend expose. The Edge reported below:

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Friday, March 3, 2023

Revenue Group: Why unanswered, suddenly insider trading?

In this blog's February 13th posting here, there were 13 why (including how, what and did they) posed but no answers found in the media or online. 

There was a created dispute among the founders of Revenue Group Berhad ("Revenue"). The "salesman" Managing Director, Eddie Ng Chee Siong ousted the Company "brains" in the Ng brothers of Brian and Dino with help from outside. 

Coincidentally, MACC freeze the accounts and CDS of the brothers worth tens of millions based on alleged wrongdoing over company car and thermal paper orders worth RM400,000.

A serious oversight or gross abuse on the part of the Director of Investigation or AMLA at MACC. The allegation has no corruption in nature for them to act and originated from MACC own report.

In midst of the company turmoil, Bursa suddenly reported Eddie blatantly selling his shares a day prior to announcing a  poor quarterly financial results. 

That is outright insider tradingoutright insider trading. And, it would be strange for SC to not investigate and charge. The alleged insider trading could certainly shed a new light on the company. 

Is something insidious happening behind the payment gateway company? 

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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Where is the reformasi?

Following his dismissal as Deputy PM and UMNO member, Anwar Ibrahim started the reformasi movement as his political platform. 

After 25 years, he finally managed to step into the Prime Minister's Office he was involved in the development of Putrajaya. Over time, he has articulated on the repeated over many elections of the corrective programs he wish to undertake. 

The social media is now regurgitating the promises and manifesto items he made under the then Pakatan Rakyat at GE 12 and 13 and later the Pakatan Harapan's for GE14. 

However, Anwar is not expected to deliver in abolishing PTPTN student loan, 20% royalty for Sabah and Sarawak, change the Wang Ehsan for certain states in Peninsular to royalty, immediate cut in the retail oil prices by 50 sen and the list can be longer. 

Understandably, the government is in a slippery situation constrained by debt and revenue shortfall. Many of the promises have rightly been pointed out by then BN government of the day as ridiculous.

To be more rational and mature in our politics, lets ignore the usually mindless and deceptive campaign sloganeering.  Election promises are sensational but seldom delivered. 

But the 25 years of chanting, "Reformasi!" is ideological and cannot be put at bay.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The growth status of the Malaysian economy

Rafizi gave a sarcastic and patronising reply to Opposition Leader, Hamzah Zainuddin attempt to give a political spin to the growth statistic data in Parliament.

Economic growth will be the issue opposition intend to dwell on to gain political points despite knowing well there is an impending global recession and current inflationary concern. 

It is expecting too much to pursue high growth now. 

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Monday, February 20, 2023

Shahrizat thrown down the gauntlet

In difficult times ...

The idiom "throw down the gauntlet" means to invite someone to fight or compete with you. 

Tan Sri Shahrizat Jalil is not the incumbent to invite, but where she submitted her application form to run for Wanita UMNO Chief, the incumbent Dato Noraini Ahmad have yet to do so.  

Defend Aini will. Her supporters are already exuberant with their campaign. It is not Aini to condone, but the whispering campaign is accusing Shahrizat as a Muhyiddin proxy. Its no secret that her son works with Hishamuddin.  

More such talk will be coming and Shahrizat expect the husband's NFC issue will be used against her. It need be reminded that Dr Salleh Ismail was acquited from alleged misappropriation in 2015. 

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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Too many whys in the Revenue corporate saga

Left to right: Eddie Ng (MD), Brian Ng (COO) and Dino Ng (CTO)

Revenue Group Berhad (Revenue) is not a major company to keep a watch on. Its nature of business in IT deals with systems, proprietary knowledge and involved security and confidentiality. 

The happenings in the company seemed to raise many questions, and strange links surfaced. 

Since late last year 2022, Revenue was embroiled in controversy following the suspension of two founder-Directors, Brian and Dino Ng, from its Board of Directors. 

The payment gateway company brought in MACC into the picture for some claims made against them. One can expect it will complicate the situation and even be more destructive than preventive. The detailed story will be dealt with in later posting, 

If it is a case of abuse of power, why must MACC got involve? 

Their primary concern should be corruption. Complain over company vehicle or procurement could be dealt by Securities Commission and perhaps, police. 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

The lies in Muhyiddin's denial and seemingly consistent narrative

Expectedly no response from Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on the 1MDB settlement from Goldman allegation. Its customary for politician to not response to allegations to avoid from being misconstrued. Better remain silent and hope it will go away.

Give time Muhyiddin will eventually respond as it could be a significant contribution to his GE15 war chest. He will on the 5G contract to Ericson and continuing the SPANCO privatisation to Robert Tan.   

Last Thursday, Muhyiddin responded to the allegation of his family involvement in the NIISE contract to Iris. It is his standard denial which include diverting responsibility to others. Having written extensively on the deal, it is not a convincing denial. 

If they could, MACC should comb the historical shareholding structure of 5S, trace the present and past shareholders, and association of Nexbis Soluions and S5 Systems. Who decided on the technical prequalification on      

A contributor, FLK asked on, "Opinion: On why MACC stop at possible abuse of power in connection to the NIISE?

Muhyiddin is known for the consistency of his narratives but to the familiar, it is a convenient camouflage to lie and habit of "what he say is not what he do".  

Muhyiddin was caught lying incessantly on the RM600 billion stimulus package. He was reluctant to response and had Dr Marzuki to do so only to expose him lying in his capacity as Prime Minister. 

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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Food security to food sovereignty

The conversation on the concern for food security have long been heard. Since the days of yours truly's early career in banking and later in the capital market, concern over food security due to high food import have long been the talk. 

However, a serious government policy was not forthcoming. Availability of land for agriculture was increasing in scarcity and losing to the more lucrative sectors such as property development, tourism and leisure industries, manufacturing, etc. 

Financiers were saying why reinvent the wheels as it is more  efficient to import. They prefer to invest into food retailing, high-end agri-product, or easy cash crop in which planting is once for every 15 years but harvesting every quarterly.   

The attitude then and in fact still remain so. When there was a shortage of chicken prior to GE15, the  former PM Ismail Sabri's natural affinity was to import chicken. 

This is strange because Malaysia is one of the world's cheapest and efficient broiler producer. So efficient that CP Pokhphand could not enter the highly competitive Teo Chew clan dominated industry. The first sight of problem and government  open the local market for foreign entry.   

The early part of the shortage in certain food items was blamed at global supply chain problem during the C19 pandemic and later, the war in Ukraine. It rightly is but as time goes by and more realisation creeped in, the age old conversation on food security began to emerge. 

In a 2021 article on NST, Muhammad Hisyam Mohamed highlighted the need to deal with issues of availability, access, utilisation and stability in food security. By December 2022, Dr Goh Chun Seng in Borneo Times shifted the food security discussion to food sovereignty. 

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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Anwar's boy, Farhash corporate misadventure

One month after Anwar Ibrahim announced his cabinet line-up, Berjaya Group announced his former Political Secretary, and PKR Perak Chief, Farhasy Salvador Wafa as its new Chairman for 7-Eleven Malaysia Holdings Berhad

The official communique gave a glowing resume of Farhasy corporate experience, education and related positions held, but its a dime too many.

Those in the know are more concerned with his association with the Seremban-based stockbroking outfit, Apex Holdings Berhad. 

The public attention is on the fiery, temperamental and explosive close confidante of Anwar joining Vincent Tan's outfit. 

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Friday, February 3, 2023

Muhyiddin's Goldman scheme of things

MACC have been on the prowl of public spending guise for emergency but suspiciously diverted into the war chest of PPBM and PN.

At the time rakyat were "imprisoned", financially in strait jacket, and ones couldn't bear the pressure resorted to suicide, the impression is Muhyiddin-led government were amassing a political warchest at the rakyat expense.

It is despicable, but more despicable is when the country is in a dire financial state, and there is an attempt to recoup the dissipated money of the 1MDB scam, but those in power may have diverted the Goldman Sach's settlement ala Low Taek Jho.

The loss due to Goldman's indiscretion is US$9.5 billion. The Lim Guan Eng seek a claim against Goldman at US$7.5 billion. Back then, Lim Sian See may have argued for a ballpark of US6 billion cash. 

When PH fell, Tengku Zafrul and a coterie of officials and Muhyiddin advisers quickly agreed to a settlement of US$3.9 billion. 

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Zahid, UMNO's surgeon from Ponorogo

Be out with it. Zahid Hamidi is a Malaysian with Javanese root to Ponogoro. Yours truly to Kendal and Ceribon.

Despite established as a major Malay sub-ethnic group in Malaysia, Javanese remained stereotyped as that obedient, and hard-working immigrant labourers. 

Javanese are non-confrontational, tolerant and patience thus easy prey for ridicule. More so, they refrain from slighting others and expressed their disagreement, and anger in mild and cryptic manner that they tend to be misunderstood. 

However, their rural good natured character should not be underestimated and taken for granted. 

Last Friday was an occasion whereby the tolerance of a Javanese reached its limit and he turned decisive when it warrants one. 

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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Grant fraud

Grant fraud typically occurs when award recipients attempt to deceive the government about their spending of award money.

According to the Department of Justice, using federal grant dollars for unjust enrichment, personal gain, or other than their intended use is a form of theft, subject to criminal and civil prosecution under the laws of the United States.

Such misappropriation have been occuring in Malaysia but remain petty such as research grant abuse to share allowances with unrelated academic colleagues. 

There have been more attention to this fraud since. Few years ago there was a call for recipient of FINAS grant be revealed publicly. 

Its likely MACC uncovered serious findings on the current priority one investigation into Covid-19 pandemic spending and stimulus package for Deputy Chief Commissioner of MACC, Dato Seri Khusairi Yahya to issue a statement today

Widely reported by media is Penjana Kerjaya. There are murmurs on misappropriation of the so-called economic recovery initiative involving Penjana Kapital and earlier written, drone company, Aerodyne.

Khusairi wrote in The Vibe today:

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Friday, January 20, 2023

Is Aerodyne a scam?

Not with Petronas and KWAP as investors. But Jho Low got KWAP and government and international investors in his 1MDB and SRC scam.

In late November, Edge Weekly carried the story of Aerodyne Group talking to several exchanges,  including foreign ones to list the company's shares. Unfortunately, the name Aerodyne and local Private Equity game does not exude confidence. 

Despite Aerodyne successfully attracted funding from local and foreign sources, the possibility it could be just another Jho Low-like scam have not gone amiss. Rumours pervading the economic recovery initiative, Penjana Kapital and the Private Equity firms added to the scepticism. 

Aerodyne is too associated with the failed kereta terbang (flying car) which Mahathir promoted as the third Malaysian car project upon his return as PM the second time around. 

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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

UMNO will continue to remain relevant

The night before the Vote of Confidence in Parliament, there was a Sinar LIVE session last December 15th

Lecturer for the Centre for Communication and Media Studies, Ts Nurul Aishah Ab Raman expressed the opinion UMNO's brand remain relevant but need changes. 

She is right to say so. Branding is important in politics. Golkar is not as dominant as in the days of Sukarno and Suharto, but the known brand remain the party to watch in Indonesia. 

So does Kuomintang of Taiwan, Congress of India and LDP of Japan. 

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Monday, January 16, 2023

Rail-volution: Move over private transportation

The next day after his appointment as Transport Minister, viral on social media are photos of Anthony Loke unassumingly riding the public train. He has since been seen riding and inspecting the rail facilities on few more occasions. 

His regularity invited nasty social media comments calling a political show. Putting aside the snide remarks, Loke is sending the message that his main concern is public transportation specifically the Klang Valley. 

Had they known that Prasarana operation lost RM13 billion and building the MRT3 will cost up to RM80 billion, the commentators would have been more judicious. 

Scary as it maybe, the Klang Valley population is about RM8 million (2020), which is 24.5% of Malaysia's 32.7 million (2021) population. 

To understand the Greater Klang Valley, one need to look beyond Sepang, Rawang, Putrajaya and nearby areas to include as far away as Bentong, Seremban and Ipoh. 

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