Monday, November 20, 2023

Is Hamzah behind "support crossover" to topple Muhyiddin?

Why was the last posting given the title "More to leave PN, but Hamzah refused to negotiate MP allocation?"

If readers couldn't pick up from the info-loaded previous posting, then the title for this posting is more straight forward. Usually the serious political watchers prefer info over simple narrative and storyline.  

Hamzah could intentionally refuse to negotiate the MP allocation and is the hand behind the four MPs offering support to Anwar Ibrahim in order to pressure Muhyiddin to quit.

It is to make way for himself to takeover the Presidency of PPBM @ PM-in-waiting for PN as raised by Raja Petra. And RPK believe or more accurately, wants to believe Anwar will not last his term. 

Although Anwar has 151 MPs support and the number 168 by year end has been thrown in, it is not merely a hunch to sense Hamzah is preparing for the four MPs to repeat of the 2009 Nasaruddin Hashim reverse in his home state of Perak.  

Muhyiddin nudge out

Chegubard and Azmin blamed Faizal Azumu for his man to be the first to do the crossover support, but a source claimed Iskandar, the the first MP from Kuala Kangsar to crossover support, met Hamzah  prior to announcing support for Anwar.

Joceline Tan may have known of this and was convinced to defend Peja. 

Rather than be involved in the crossfire between Azmin and Hamzah, safer option for Peja to stay loyal to Muhyiddin in his trying moment. He could benefit from any leadership transition.   

In his press conference yesterday, Muhyiddin hinted it was Hamzah trying to nudge him out. In a sulking mode, he touched on the appointment of Hamzah as Opposition Leader and training Hamzah for the future

Muhyidin said the next party election will be held earlier around next year. He is still contemplating whether to defend or not, but ensured smooth transition of power

Muhyiddin said he is willing to step aside for others to takeover and denied it is an effort from within to topple him. Deny and willing he may, but its merely a usual rhetorical act of humility by any politician. 

More over, Dato Eddin Syazlee of Kuala Pilah explicitly mentioned Muhyiddin should step aside. It may have come from someone because Eddin is not a major force within PPBM and on his way out. 

Putting aside the common courtesy, the talk of Muhyiddin making his exit was heard since he was charged for the cases involving Jana Wibawa, political donation from Syed Mokhtar, other cases involving family members and more to come including Goldman Sach.

Together with his aloof and inflexible leadership, he is a aliability to PPBM.

Parting shots

Widely speculated that Hamzah is teaming up with Mahathir to topple Anwar Ibrahim. 

Muhyiddin hinted of a possible reverse by the four MPs planned in his statement that the party is still open for the betrayed members to return

Muhyiddin made the customary swipe at Anwar. However the stronger swipe at PAS. 

Denying of any rift between PPBM and PAS, he reminded PAS that before cooperation with PPBM, PAS is already "tepu" or reached their  maximum and their performance was the benefit of PN cooperation

To remind PAS whose been too domineering in their controlled states and pressuring PPBM aside in Melaka, Muhyiddin subtly warned them that going solo is not a beneficial option for PAS. 

PAS did not take the remark well. Its Muhyiddin parting shot to PAS for his turn to be betrayed by the unreliable partner PAS. He is never magnanimous and the sulking tone is his normal act to seek sympathy in defeat. 

He claimed his betrayal of Sarawak's GPS in the last state election as PPBM making in-roads into areas other dare not to venture. Perhaps, subtle sabotage of his successor trying to woe Sarawak.

Is PN viable alternative?

Muhyiddin can step down and Hamzah takeover to resume what Hadi's hack at the Unity Government roof, but will it be in time to turnover the disenchanted PN MPs?

What if the olive branch offered by Anwar and talk of an offer for the Federal cabinet position to PAS is true?

Anwar may have his weakness and if all falls to plan, he not last the full term. Raja Petra's concern for a PM-in-waiting or an alternative to offer the Unity Government is relevant.

PN need a confidence boosting leader for the Tebuk Attap to be viable. It has to be a leader with a known track record, aspiration and plan for the country. 

Will Hamzah exude the confidence the business community and foreign investors are seeking? And more important, will another change of government not be the final nail in the coffin for Malaysia's economy?

As it is, foreign investors are looking for suckers to bid to enable them to cash out of the market. No effort from Bursa and SC to attract portfolio fund for the new financial year. 

Malaysian company owners are looking at other countries in the region. What friends do Hamzah have and perhaps what do the too old Mahathir and sickly Daim have to offer for Malaysia anymore?

Since Samsuri, PAS's Terengganu MB is running at the Kemaman by-election, will he be the PM-in-waiting for PN instead?

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