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Thought Papagomo is unafraid to face Sajat in court

Gone viral is the news of Minister for Communication and Digital Economy, Fahmi Fadzil serving a substituted service notification in The Star on Tuesday to summon Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, the blogger,  social media personality, and popularly known as Papagomo.  

According to MMO here, he is to appear in court on December 6th for making allegation Fahmi made political speech in a mosque prior to the six state elections against the directive of his Highness the Sultan of Selangor. 

However, Fahmi's lawyer have not been able to serve the summon at his known home. Though Papagomo cannot resist from landing himself in endless stream of trouble, the 6-year suspended former Member of UMNO Youth exco and now serving Tun Dr Mahathir is not one to run from the law. 

It is nothing new for the accused or defendant to evade being served the summon to tire out the plaintiff or buy time. Apparently, his co-conspirator Chegubard too is evading from being served a certain summon at his family home in Seremban and registered address in Penang for criminal defamation.

But not Papagomo.

In his episode with Sajat, the transvestite that ran from the law to migrate to Australia, Papagomo was unperturbed by the threat of a lawsuit and be taken to court. 

Taken from here, he said:

Hey, Jat. Aku kalau bab-bab saman ni, aku dah lali, aku dah tepu, tau. Dan sebenarnya aku sendiri pun mengalu-alukan untuk Sajat jalankan tindakan saman ini, kerana apabila naik ke mahkamah, ia merupakan satu perkara yang paling sedap. Karana kita akan dapat tahu identiti Sajat yang sebenar. Dan paling penting, kita nak tarik mak bapak dia duduk dalam kandang, untuk mengesahkan semasa lahir adakah Sajat mempunyai kemaluan wanita ataupun ‘belalai’.
With him in the Perikatan National cytroteam of Chegubard, Ratu Naga, Parpukari, etc, and suspected to be financially backed by Hamzah Zainuddin, Azmin Ali and Mahathir, seriously doubt he is afraid. 


This is not intended to run him down for his present differing political position, but feeling pity to this second generation UMNO blogger, who has a leadership quality to gather and organise, and be a voice of the common folks, but will eventually degenerate at mid-life.

Few years ago prior to being suspended from UMNO, Papagomo disappeared from the political scene, deleted his blog and social media, and went into social recluse. 

When he reappeared for his Syed Saddiq court case, he was thought to have joined a tabligh (Islamic missionary). It was thought he underwent a spiritual transformation. It was noticeable to see him adhere closely the obligation to perform daily prayers (solat) since being a part of Dr Asyraf Wajidi's UMNO Youth exco member. 

It was a refreshing change when reminded of him being detained by police for questioning during the first day of Hari Raya to only be released on the 3rd or 4th Syawal.

He reappeared in court for the incident involving him and Syed Saddiq in 2019 that led him to be charged in court and was judged guilty in September, but penalised with a fine of RM2,100. 

Thereon he went back to his old ways in a series of cases and police reports against him.

Serial slanderer?

Papagomo and Chegubard was recently mentioned for allegedly distributing the lewd video of recorded conversation between Prof Agus Salim, Director General of J-Kom and an assistant. That is a possible offense under the Multimedia act.

There is a police report lodged against him in August by an UMNO Pendang committee member for alleged insult against Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim for the Alor Star High Court injunction granted against Kedah Menteri Besar, Sanusi Md Nor. Its a possible offense under the penal code and Communication and Multimedia Act 1988. 

Two weeks ago in late October, there was a court order on Papagomo to remove a defamatory video posting against the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs), Datuk Dr Mohd Na’im Mokhtar to accuse him of sexual misconduct.

In early October, a Chairman of an Alumni urged authority to investigate Papagomo, a Mahathir's former political secretary and others for lewd remarks made against Anwar in accordance to the Federal Territory Syariah Criminal Offense Act, a similar law being challenged by Nik Elin in Kelantan. 

Perhaps, Papagomo is still bitter with Anwar for losing a lawsuit and end up paying RM950,000 in 2017 in relation to the infamous Chinadoll video back in 2014. 

Wangsa Maju UMNO Division passed the hat around then to help, but members from the same Division later reported against him for campaigning for PN in his tantrum against the party's cooperation with PH and that led to his membership suspension.   

Papagomo was also sued by Lim Guan Eng and his son in 2020 for allegation his son was caught by Singapore Immigration for transporting undeclared RM2 million cash there. Last heard of this case in Edge February 2022 report in which he was asked to answer whether he was Papagomo

Papagomo issue with Guan Eng went way back earlier to an incident in Langkawi in December 2011, in which then Defense Minister, Zahid Hamidi arranged for Guan Eng a ride in the submarine to demonstrate it can dive underwater.  

There were reported and unreported incidents of Papagomo in Sabah and Sarawak

According to Sabahkini2 here, he was also fined in 2016 for injuring a Pakistani national in Wangsa Maju. The portal went further back to criminal offense committed during his service as police constable between 2002 to 2004 that led to his dismissal in 2012.

They labelled him as serial slanderer. 

Rebel without a cause

However, a more accurate description lies in his impulsive character to presume and jump to an overly simplified conclusion in judging issues and persons.

The self proclaimed street politician, who was at one time a Khairy loyalist and Najib sympathiser that now turn himself to help Najib's victimiser, Papagomo could not shed off that part of himself. 

He simply is incapable of sensibly putting forward his narrative and struggle right, and convincingly articulate it even against younger political activist. The issues that ended him in trouble with the law is hardly substantive and rather petty.

To remain relevant, Papagomo was inclined to stay robust. He maintained his online popularity by ranting unsubstantiated rhetorics, recklessly uttering slurs towards his opponents, and indifferent to the risk of landing himself in trouble with the law.

It is inconceivable to fathom how his struggle for "agama, bangsa dan tanahair" will bear any positive and beneficial result with the negativity of his bad boy persona, and the manner he run down certain leaders of his former party and old nemesis, PH.

If not a disillusioned fighter, Papagomo resembled more of a "rebel without a cause", the title of James Dean classic movie.  He will eventually tire himself out and in a matter of time, destined to end up frustated and dejected after being cast aside by leaders who used him for their purpose. 

Pity that his energy and exuberance will only go to waste.   

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