Friday, June 28, 2024

ASEAN rail network, Kra landbridge and JS-SEZ

On June 18 recently, Chinese Premier, Li Qiang made a three day official visit to Malaysia. The visit coincided with the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relation between Malaysia and China which started between the Dato Najib's father, the late Tun Abdul Razak and Mao Tze Tong in 1974. 

There was a slew of deals signed and durians are now allowed to be exported to China to mark the renewal of a five year economic cooperation pact. Though not as much as the US in terms of FDI, China is the most important trading partner of Malaysia. Trade is the heart of the half century of economic ties

There was whispers and speculation that the reception from China side was not as warm. It was not Xi Jin Peng but instead his Prime Minister. Perhaps, Malaysia is not in China's BRI grandplan with the US vehicle GIP making inroad into the airport sector

The speculation can be put to rest. China's involvement in the development of Malaysia's rail system will continue beyond the ECRL. 

Media today reported on the launch of the Asean Express. 

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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Exposed! Lies of MATCVS, RCS Edin, Dr Rafidah, Kevin Yii, Dr Hanafiah, and PP proponents

When it was revealed that the Malaysian Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (MATCVS) was illegally conducting the FRCS "haram" education on behalf for Royal College of Surgeon, Edinburgh (RCS Edin) under the Parallel Pathway program, there was initial denial from them. 

Subsequently, MATCVS via their fellow fraternity, College of Surgeon Malaysia (COSM) and Academy of Medicine Malaysia (AMM) took responsibility for it. This is illegal and should be brought to court because they are not approved institution of higher learning under the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). 

As a result, the PP graduates could not get their diploma accredited by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC). More so, the diploma was by a foreign institution, RCS Edin thus must be accredited by the UK's General Medical Council for MMC to recognise.       

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Monday, June 24, 2024

Beyond vaccine's AEFI, PP is another mess of Noor Hisham

When Noor Hisham's mess started ...

Not many is aware, the budget for the teaching hospitals in this country were slashed few years ago. It happened before Tan Sri Nor Hisham Abdullah introduced the Parallel Pathway in his so-called attempt to shortcut the process of producing more medical specialist.

PP used up the budget of Ministry of Health (MOH), which is not responsible for medical education but that of Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). Budget meant for public health were diverted into areas which is not supposed to be spent by MOH and compromised public health well beings. 

Since this issue will be addressed in Parliament, Member of Parliaments should be looking into the implication on the budget and not narrowly channeled by what was briefed to them. Its practically attempt by MOH to kill off medical education of local Universities. 

As the next Parliament sssion draws near, the same happening as before and reported by this blog in earlier postings is happening.

Proponents of PP attempted to confuse the public to deflect the weakness on the accredition of PP, bad planning of MOH, lack of assessment and monitoring for academic quality, and the more serious matter of patients' safety

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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

[Up-dated] JMB scandal is a China-linked scam?

Picking up from the last posting here on the KL Condo King involvement in what was described by a newly established portal as JMB scandal, the blog Makcik Kiah here hinted that the JMB Cartel operators allegedly scheming off management fee at Icon Residence may not be Malaysians.

A source claim that the Assistant to MP for Kepong and former MP for Segambut, Chua Choon Yin and JMB Treasurer, Seow Choo Kiong may not be Malaysians. They neither could understand and speak Malay and English, nor converse in any local Chinese dialects spoken in Malaysia. 

They only speak Mandarin, which according to the observation of a Malaysian Chinese, it is not the Mandarin spoken by Malaysians, but that of Chinese in China. 

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Friday, June 14, 2024

KL Condo King cartel in Hannah Yeoh's Segambut

This morning, there was a report made by the representative of Icon residents at the MACC headquarter against the management company of their condominum. 

This report came about after (so-called) Human Rights Group, Lawyer for Liberty (LFL) lambasted MACC for arresting a lawyer and his clients earlier on Tuesday June 11th. The lawyer, Lai Chee How questioned MACC for raiding his office on June 4th. (read Edge here). 

It's the usual stunt of activists group to cover one of their own using the technicality of the law especially to cover up alleged involvement in criminal activities. 

Tan Sri Azam Baki explained that Lai was being investigated for embezzlement and abuse of power in his role as former Chairman of a Joint Management Committee of a condominium. He is a suspect in the embezzlement from the management and maintenance account, 

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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

NEWSBREAKER! Secret meeting at PICC today to legalise "Illegal" PP

The cabinet has yet to meet the discuss the amendment to legalise the "illegal" Parallel Pathway medical specialist training program conducted in Malaysia and by Malaysian but qualification issued UK colleges and not recognised under the law. 

It came to this blogger's attention that a secret meeting is being organised for today at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre between 2.30 pm  4.30 pm. The meeting is described as secret for  reason only those parties for the "illegal" Parallel Pathway is invited, including those outside the ambit of the Ministry of Health (MOH). 

The invitation sighted by this blogger is a circular from MOH signed by Dato Dr Mohd Azman bin Yaacob, Pengarah Perkembangan Perubatan, Kementerian Kesihatan with the status as "SEGERA DAN SULIT"

According to the circular, the MOH and MOHE had submitted a joint Memorandum to the Cabinet to amend Medical Act 1971 (Act 50) under the pretext to streamline the process to recognise and register Medical Specialist. In other word, it is intended to legalise the "illegal" PP program. 

The invitation today is a briefing by the Division acting as Secretariat together with the Legal Adviser of MOH. The letter was cc'ed to the various senior position holders of MOH. 

The academics invited came from the Academy of Medicine (AMM), Malaysian Medical Association (MMA), The Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia (APHM), The Malaysian Association for Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery (MATCVS), Malaysian Urological Association (MUA), Academy of Family Physicians Malaysia (AFPM), Family Medicine Specialist Association (FMSA), and The Malaysian-Ireland Training Programme for Family Medicine (MITPFM).

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Monday, June 10, 2024

Parallel Pathway: SG advising cabinet conflicted?

Its been a while since this blog delve into the Parallel Pathway issue. Last was on May 8th in the posting, "Proofs MATVS lied and made fraudulent claim". 

There is a claim that two of the four completed trainee of Parallel Pathway (PP) program got a job abroad. Never mind they are Malay, Dr Rafidah Abdullah and Dr Hanafiah Harunarashid should explain as to how could that be when FRCS Edin for PP is not recognised by UK's GMC?     

Off late there have been a new strategy by these revolting group of doctors to blame and find fault with the time honoured processes of the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) and Malaysian Qualifying Agency (MQA). 

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Sunday, June 9, 2024

Is Murray Hunter linked to and funded by Kalimullah, NMY?

On Wednesday June 5th, Murray Hunter issued a strongly worded statement against MCMC Chairman entitled "Salem the censorship czar". He took the opportunity of the uproar over MCMC blocking FBs criticising and calling on Hannah Yeoh to resign. 

Sources deep inside MCMC claimed Salem is not at fault, but that is not the issue of this posting. 

Yesterday June 8th, Sabahkini2 portal lashed at Murray, as written in Malay, "Sekatan laman sesawang, mengapa Murray Hunter sakit hati dengan Tan Sri Salim Pengerusi SKMM?"

The Sabah based portal had issue with the former UUM lecturer turned Bangkok based paid writer since their December last year posting, "An Australian in Thailand who is obsessed with Malaysia". They reported on a police report made against him in May

Sabahkini2 invited curiousity for calling on MACC to investigate Kalimullah and Nor Mohamed Yakcop from out of the blue. It is strange to group them as Pak Lah's cronies in the next day posting, "MACC's selective pursuit: A blind eye towards Pak Lah's cronies".   

This is in a matter of hours from the earlier posting, thus is there a connection between Kalimullah and Nor Yakcop with Murray?

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Friday, June 7, 2024

Hamzah's plan to outmanouvre House Speaker

There is a rumour going around of something big could happen in the next Parliament seating when Opposition Leader, Dato Seri Hamzah Zainuddin put a motion to demand for the seats of 6 "sacked PPBM MPs" be declared vacant

The opposition expect the House Speaker Tan Sri Dato' Johari Abdul will not. Apparently Hamzah has planned a countermove using the same weapon and loophole in the Anti Hopping Act which Tan Sri Muhyiddin failed to exploit post GE15.

There will be speculation that it is Hamzah's respond to his son being charged for corruption. Any keen observers of politics knows it is only expected of him. Before the posting on the ensuing American leadership dilemma ariding from Donald Trump's conviction from his sexual tryst with a pornstar, this blog commented so of Hamzah

Mentioned in passing:
Despite all that happened, Hamzah remain relentless in his political manouvres against his old nemesis, Prime Minister Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Another Sheraton Move type of manovering is still being expected from Hamzah.  

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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Trump's 2006 tryst with a pornstar, What a mess!

Trump Guilty Of Falsifying Payment To Porn Star But He Still Can Become President And Here's What Will Happen Next

May 31st, 2024 by financetwitter

A jury of five women and seven men found former U.S. President Donald Trump guilty on all 34 charges of falsifying business records to cover up money payments to a porn star. After the verdict, Trump went berserk and said – “I am a very innocent man. This was a rigged, disgraceful trial. This was done by the Biden administration in order to hurt a political opponent”.

Stormy Daniels now becomes the first porn star at the centre of Trump’s criminal conviction that not only could see the first former president sentenced to probation or up to 4 years on each count in state prison – with a maximum of 20 years – but also plunges the nation into uncharted waters. While Trump can still run and could even win the 2024 presidency, his chances are now greatly affected.

Trump got into trouble when he paid 45-year-old Daniels, whose given name is Stephanie Clifford, a staggering US$130,000 to stay silent about their sexual encounter, a payment scheme disguised as reimbursement to former lawyer and personal fixer Michael Cohen as legal expenses to hide the hush money. Prosecutor said doing so violated election rules, which amounted to “election fraud” prior to the 2016 election.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Son face second criminal charge, can Hamzah remain steady?

Believe it or not, there are "orang UMNO" looking up to Dato Hamzah Zainuddin in awe. Not so much of him getting picked as Opposition Leader despite not being Chairman of PN or PAS hold more seat than PPBM. 

Perhaps they are impress that Hamzah, which at one time was viewed as not of Minister material, is now dubbed as a possible successor to Tan Sri Muhyuddin. 

More accurately, Hamzah is a contender to Azmin Ali, who seemed to be the preference of Muhyiddin and Mahathir to lead PPBM and PN. No PAS, it is not Dr Samsuri. 

As then Home Minister, Hamzah held the position with an iron fist to hold control over police and various enforcement agencies under his charge. The network he developed worked to his advantage as "political strategist" in his capacity as Secretary General for PPBM and PN. 

Hamzah is seen as steady despite a series of investigation on him in various personal and official capacity. Hamzah's former political secretary was recently charged for receiving bribe for RM350,000 involving a police tender presumably during Hamzah's stint as Home Minister under PN government. 

Today his son, Faisal Hamzah is being charged for receiving corruption for RM100,000 involving Heitech Padu

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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Hannah Yeoh: A case of Murphy's Law

Recently, two KLIA Royal Custom officer was charged in court for accepting bribes in amounts less than RM10,000 for over few years. 

A small sum in these days where billions are being squandered. It helped dispel the accusation that the RM19,000 MACC case against Perlis MB's son and Hadi Awang's son-in-law as political nitpicking. The RM600,000 case is standing by. 

The size of the financial consideration may not determine an offender get charged or get away scot free. Perhaps, the attention that the offense attracted could be the reason. 

For instance, had the owner of Lagenda Properties, whose shares went limit down last week, try to "buy" their way out of the illegal sales of subdivided Malay Reserve land as developed homes to non-Bumiputera, the case attracts too much attention to get KIV-ed.  

Blackrock participation in the offer bid on MAHB attracted attention. But it is too complex a corporate deal for political opposition the likes of PAS and Bersatu to put their finger. They will miss the point, thus could not sustain public attention. It will eventually die off.   

If there is no exact science in raising issues that will attract public attention, Perhaps it is merely the game of chance as observed in Murphy's Law: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." Sometime it is described as "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time." 

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