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Parallel Pathway: SG advising cabinet conflicted?

Its been a while since this blog delve into the Parallel Pathway issue. Last was on May 8th in the posting, "Proofs MATVS lied and made fraudulent claim". 

There is a claim that two of the four completed trainee of Parallel Pathway (PP) program got a job abroad. Never mind they are Malay, Dr Rafidah Abdullah and Dr Hanafiah Harunarashid should explain as to how could that be when FRCS Edin for PP is not recognised by UK's GMC?     

Off late there have been a new strategy by these revolting group of doctors to blame and find fault with the time honoured processes of the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) and Malaysian Qualifying Agency (MQA). 

Fault finding and lies

A former MMC member, Dr Milton Lum questioned the Medical (Amendment) Act 2012 which he claimed took away the power from Academy of Medicine (AAM) to MMC to determine the registration into the National Specialist Registrar (NSR). 

AAM, College of Surgeons and MATVCS are all parties championing PP which are linked to each other and registered under ROS.

They are not registered under the law as higher education provider or to undertake recognition or accredition. But Ministry of Health under former DG Tan Sri Noor Hisham improperly assigned these organisations to conduct PP.  

If power is returned to them, AAM could possibly recognise the half-bake PP medical specialist training. It will be justified for the so-called need for more specialists in government hospital, but the PP trainees will likely opt for private practise.  

Subsequently a group of Professors headed by Prof Dr Noor Hasim blamed MQA for not forewarning over alleged non-complaint

Aren't the higher education institutions planning to conduct all educational programs should do their homework to consult with MQA prior to commencing as done by PP program, instead blaming MQA?  

Any higher education prividers knows this. These lazy professors are conjuring up blames and excuses.

What happen to "follow the law"? 

This brings us to the questions why no enforcement on when there exist the Ministries, the law and act, rules, and officers and enforcement divisions? 

Yet now there is a plan to amend the law to cleanse these lawbreakers? What is happening with the Attorney General and the AG Chambers? 

This curiosity is not only that of this blogger or like minded people, but others realised the need for a clear demarcation of authorities. 

Galen Centre Chief Executive Azrul Mohd Khalid realised PP is conducted by unlicensed and unaccountable institutions

Despite three DAP politicians loudly championing PP and imposing political influence to bully Amanah's Minister of Health, and swaying-to-the-wind UMNO Minister of Higher Education, DAP Johor's Dr Boo Cheng Hau strongly insist MMC must remain independent and new law unnecessary.    

Dr Dayang Anita Abdul Aziz of National Council of Women's Organisation is of the view amending the law to ease accredition standard will not solve the shortage of specialist

Deans of few local Universities' Medical Faculties should buck up and not have a colonised mind to depend on the sub-standard handout program from Britain. 

They should resign for failing to meet the national needs.

The question of poor enforcement became more glaring when MMC had to hire their own lawyers to fend the lawsuit by the four unrecognised PP trainees. As a government entity, the AG should assign DPPs to represent MMC. 

Strangely insider sources claimed it was AGC that advised MMC the four trainees have no case and unlikely to win. The law is supposed to be solid in favour of MMC's independence. 

Why the change of mind by AGC? Have AG advised the cabinet before discussion on amending the law that no amendment should be made until the lawsuit has ensued and a court decision made? 

It would be tantamount to setting the precedent to intervene and amend a long established law to save law breakers. Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim have repeatedly advised to "follow the law" from day 1 the PP issue was raised. 

Has DAP pressured him to waver and change his often said position for the independence of institution respected? 

The next parliament seating is a short one thus cabinet should not be made to rush and make hasty decision to entertain these vagrant doctors. 

Advise provided to the cabinet should be thought through of the implication and not just for the self interest of doctors eschewing empty and irresponsible rhetorial excuses.  

Why MUA prematurely claim Urology PP is MMC recognised? 

This led to the word of support for PP expressed by the Malaysian Urological Association (MUA) President, Dr Noor Ashani Md Yusoff to dispute the statement by Prof Emiritus Ibrahim Shah Abu Shah. 

He made a bold claim that the Urulogy PP is recognised by MMC. This is odd considering that the cardiothoracic PP is the first one seeking recognition and it has not cleared yet. 

According to the assessment of knowledgeable sources on medical education, the approval of the program and curriculum for Urology (the full pdf copy is 147 pages long) is suspect. 

The whole program is conducted in Malaysia but the degree is awarded by FRCS Glasgow thus not recognised by UK's GMC. A similar modus operandi with the MATCVS program done for Cardiothoracic from FRCS Edin. 

Unauthorised MUA run the Urology program like MATCVS for Cardiothoracic. 

If the home country do not recognise the degree, MMC is required by law to not recognise the degree!   

Enquiry with several doctors led to the Chairman of MUA, Dato' Dr Rohan Malek. 

They have shared Dr Rohan's academic and professional background below:

Conflicted Solicitor General?

These information are not quite relevant without the following information:

The duties and functions of the Solicitor General is as below:

Is Datuk Almalena Sharmila bin Dato Johan siblings to the Chairman of MUA and proponent of PP, Dato Dr Rohan Malek bin Dato Dr Johan Thambu? 

If they are siblings, would that not be a conflict of interest for her in carrying out her duty as Solicitor General to advise the cabinet on the right course of action? Since her brother favours for the PP program, can it have influence on her position to advise and put to question of her impartiality?

MMC was initially confident with their position because they had strictly adhered to the law and regulation. 

Despite that, the pro-PP doctors and DAP politicians remain aggressive with the media blitz and domination to control the narrative. MMC and MQA side of the story seemed to be denied access to media coverage. When eventually allowed, it seemed to be a set-up for more aggressive and planned attack. 

The non-recognition by MMC and MQA are legally justified, and the critics are either lawbreakers or defending lawbreakers. Despite that, they could swing the public discourse and influence cabinet against MMC and MQA for an amendment to the law

The perception is they seemed to be able to pit MMC against MQA. This is despite Anwar insist on "follow the law". Where did the pro-PP gained the confidence to refuse to "follow the law" and pressure the cabinet to "change the law"? 

The course the development on PP is going is not to the interest of public and safety of patients. PP is not the highest form of apprenticeship as claimed by a naive young politician. Ignoring this fact can jeopardise the reputation of the SG. 

This is not in any way accusing the SG of being unprofessional, compromising on integrity, and practising nepotism. 

However, shouldn't she "recuse" herself from being involved in advising cabinet and distance from any officer assigned to the PP matter to protect the integrity of the office?   

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