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KL Condo King cartel in Hannah Yeoh's Segambut

This morning, there was a report made by the representative of Icon residents at the MACC headquarter against the management company of their condominum. 

This report came about after (so-called) Human Rights Group, Lawyer for Liberty (LFL) lambasted MACC for arresting a lawyer and his clients earlier on Tuesday June 11th. The lawyer, Lai Chee How questioned MACC for raiding his office on June 4th. (read Edge here). 

It's the usual stunt of activists group to cover one of their own using the technicality of the law especially to cover up alleged involvement in criminal activities. 

Tan Sri Azam Baki explained that Lai was being investigated for embezzlement and abuse of power in his role as former Chairman of a Joint Management Committee of a condominium. He is a suspect in the embezzlement from the management and maintenance account, 

A newly created blog, JMBMalaysiaNews had earlier exposed the existence of a cartel led by the MP of Kepong, Lim Lip Eng and his assistance Chua Choong Yin to squander money of a Joint Management Body (JMB), which is now a Management Corporation (MC) for strata luxury condominiums. 

They control the management of JMB and MC through unlawful and underhanded means to interfere in  the appointment of the condominium resident association. 

This enable them to squander the menagement fee through provision of services and appointment of contractors. The details with documents, organisational structure, police report, and cheques can be found in this blog here.

Tenants via MC have taken the issue to complain bureau at the Building Commission at the Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumur but Lim Lip Eng appeared to represent the JMB in the capacity as Consultant. (read in TV Online here). 

TV Online said Hannah Yeoh was willing to have her husband company investigated to clear her name.

This is despite the presence of a shady character by the name of Satya as a member of the BOD and significant shareholder together with a Air Asia linked company, Red Beat Capital Sdn Bhd as shareholder in the DRT company, Asia Mobility Sdn Bhd.

Will Lim Lip Eng, whose reputation in his constituency of Kepong has not been good, take the same stance as Hannah Yeoh to express willingness to submit and cooperate in investigation by MACC?

This issue involves local government and may implicate Minister for Housing and Local Government, Ngah Kor Meng. 

The properties; Icon residence, Casa Magna and Mesra terrace condo are situated in the Segambut Parliamentary area represented by Hannah Yeoh.

It falls under Kuala Lumpur, thus this matter require the urgent attention of PKR Minister for FT, Zaliha Mustafa and PM's Political Secretary Dato Azman Abidin. 

Hannah Yeoh should do something but will she dare? 

Lim Lip Eng is a Lim Kit Siang's strongman and she is not in a position of strength in DAP. Her offer of assistance to the residence few days ago could only be mere lip service. 

In the meanwhile, JMBMalaysiaNews here exposed that the arrest of lawyer Lim Chai Hoe and Irwin Lo revealed that they are linked to the same assitance to Lim Lip Eng, namely Chua Choong Yin.

They  are suspected in the embezzlement of the JMB for Icon Mont Kiara.

Azam Baki here denied that the raid was to harass the lawyer because the investigation is focused on abuse of power and not to secure information of the lawyer's client. 

It means the lawyer is a suspect and shows to proof LFL have self interest motive to cover the crooks among them. Though operating from Daim Gamany, Latheefa Koya affiliated LFL serves the interest of both Daim @ Perikatan Nasional and certain faction of DAP.  

This crime to abuse the political influence and power happened in the Parliamentary area of Segambut which was formerly represented by the current MP for Kepong, Lim Lip Eng. 

Hannah has to clear her name even if it means pursuing after Kit Siang and Guan Eng's man. 

Nuclearbursaman here described the happening as the making of a KL Condo King. Talk is similar  scam have been happening in Penang too.  


FMT reported:

Condo residents file MACC report over alleged corruption by management body

Nora Mahpar - 14 Jun 2024, 02:30 PM

They claim that the joint management body awarded a maintenance contract worth RM3.3 million without the proper tender process.

Residents representative Dzulhilman Sulaiman showing the media the documents submitted to MACC in Putrajaya on the joint management body’s alleged misconduct.

PETALING JAYA: Residents of a strata-titled condominium in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, have filed a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over allegations of corruption and abuse of power by the building’s joint management body (JMB).

A representative of the residents, Dzulhilman Sulaiman, claimed that the JMB had awarded a maintenance contract worth RM3.3 million without proper tender process to an unqualified company that had not been audited since 2013.

He said the residents of the 200-unit condominium complex pay between RM800 and RM2,000 in monthly maintenance fees, with calculations based on the size of their residences.

Dzulhilman said questions arose after it was revealed during an annual general meeting last December that the value of the contract was higher than the actual costs involved.

The company in question is also believed to be linked to certain individuals within the JMB.

“The tender is related to the repair, landscaping, and maintenance of the condominium, but the actual costs involved are not as high as quoted. Therefore, we are requesting an investigation into the company involved.

“We are dissatisfied, which is why we came to MACC today to submit the evidence we have gathered regarding the JMB’s misconduct and breach of trust,” he told reporters after filing the complaint at MACC’s office in Putrajaya.

Dzulhilman’s report follows allegations of a “JMB cartel” linked to a DAP representative, his special officer, and another individual who are accused of interfering in the appointments of the JMB leadership and the joint management corporation.

Dzulhilman claimed that during the last general meeting, the residents had agreed to terminate the JMB’s contract due to various reasons.

“Several members have resigned out of frustration. Although we agreed to replace the JMB, the transition process has yet to begin.

“The JMB took the matter to the Housing and Strata Management Tribunal and lost. They have since brought the case to the High Court, delaying the transition process,” he said.

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