Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Seremban to Ipoh: Coming out of the block

The break taken since August is long enough. It's time to come out of the block and start churning for the General Election. 

It is not for lack of material to write or the absence of angle to approach the subject. There have been several attempts but lacked the motivation to get over the part writer's block and part exhaustion. 

Taking a writing break was needed for the mind to rest and re-energise. It was the Saturday class of '73 to '77 reunion in Seremban for a trip down the memory lane of adolescence that revive the youthful enthusiasm in us. 

Too bad there was an important meeting the next morning to be followed by an important trip to Ipoh. We would have stayed through the weekend. 

Nevertheless it was sufficient to get us back in the mood again.     

Shock in court

We are reminded of Dato Najib's day in Federal Court in August which was both shocking and frustrating. 

Its not about him being guilty but the Chief Justice was unreasonable and suspiciously devious. It is against natural justice to deny a defendent especially in a big case his day in court. 

Najib should be allowed to exhaust all avenues. The manouvering by authorities and court to deny the chance to raise the Nazlan and Zeti issues was blatantly obvious.

There seemed to be daylight now that the Special Taskforce investigating Tommy Thomas's memoir revealed the improper appointments of Attorney General and top judges by Mahathir. 

It is still a long way for Najib. However,  conversation with a source in the know of going-ons in the corridor of "justice" claimed the Moon is restless. 

There will be many sonata session for the Seremban office fixer.  

Ain't no sunshine

Since SRC case is mentioned, we have yet to discuss Rosmah's obviously flawed solar case judgement. Its a case we intimately know of the background of the so-called project.  

We are flabbergasted with the judge, whose FB rhetoric was leaning for the 2018 Pakatan Harapan, for sucking up to accept the inadmissable intelligence tapping evidence. 

It was conveniently used to fill in the missing trail of evidence as a spurious proof that a housewife could have dominion over a Prime Minister and government Ministries. 

Generally, the evidences and witnesses presented in court are outright strange. Key witnesses are accomplices and there are six of them. 

Contrary to the opinion of a lawyer friend, there is doubt their evidences were convincingly corroborated. No less than Gopal Sri Ram made a precedent ruling that statement of accomplices must be corroborated. 

The public was hardly aware the project does not exist and no call for tender to logically consider a bribe took place. There was no physical evidence of the money or anything pointing towards Rosmah requesting or receiving bribes. 

Surely MACC would not know from the where monies allegedly available for Jeepak Holding to bribe officials (note plurality) came from. Leave it at that as to not say anythibg more than necessary. 

Quite confident none of the those writing of the case or those involved in the case sufficiently understand fully what happened. 

Dissolution of Parliament

Time to leave what happened few months ago behind. Currently we are invigorated by Ismail Sabri's dissolution of Parliament to call for an election. 

It needed a threat to reveal the unendorsed agreement between him and Muhyiddin for the dissolution to happen. The MOU did not received party approval and UMNO could sack Ismail for compromising party interest. 

All the other political parties including pro-PPBM faction in UMNO made a big fuzz over the possibility of flood during the election. Its been two weeks since and no major flood occured yet. In fact, there is hardly any out of the ordinary heavy rain.

Met Malaysia forecasted threat of flood towards end of November. Since the climate change phenomenon, flood does not follow any set pattern of time and place. 

Its the manifestation of the insecurity of the other political parties. They are either unprepared and guilty conscience or felt threatened by the claimed BN's resurgence and sympathy emerging on Najib's imprisonment.

There was also a political stunt lawsuit from DAP's Charles Santiago and other attempts to foil the election by questioning Ismail's legitimacy. The right to call lies with the Prime Minister and Agong is constitutionally bound to accept the request. 

The flood seemed to be forgotten already as all the political parties are in election mode. Anwar announced his candidacy for Tambun and today announced the candidate list for PKR. Interesting presence of a former top civil servant at his press conference. 

Under PH, 10,000 civil servant were sacked. What does he has to say for PH plan to downsize civil service? 


Be it Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Harapan, Malaysia need to have a stable government with clear majority to lead the country out of the current unprecedented global crisis. 

Developed countries are facing high inflation started by strangled supply chain and it is followed by tightening monetary policy. Recession is inevitable especially with the worsening post-pandemic economic condition due to the war in Ukraine. 

Europe is one of the global economic driver but it is heading towards economic ruin for succumbing to the hawkish US foreign policies and Russian retaliation to economic sanction.

Malaysia wasted too much time since 2018 with the disastrously planned and executed reform plan of Pakatan Harapan and followed by the pathetic crisis management of Muhyiddin and Perikatan Nasional.

Problems are piling up on all fronts. National debt is rising thanks to the accumulation by PH from RM682 billion to RM1 trillion, the number they conjured up as the debt level of Najib's administration. 

Food prices is not only rising but shortage risk is a possibility with Malaysia's overly high import bill. Annuar Musa screwed up the chicken and feedmill industry. 

His arrogance cost Malaysia to lose a major chunk of Singapore export market to Indonesia and farms closing up is widespread. After election, this need to be addressed in accordance with the market and best industry practises. 

A political liability does not deserve a seat to run under BN ticket anymore. Given the choice, more of these old school politicians of all parties in the same vein as Tajuddin Rahman should be retired. 


Our hope for the election is for political stability to return, judiciary corrected and law and order return. Policy formulation should be more rational, realistic, and implemented seriously.

This time there is no one person that stand out as the suitable choice for Prime Minister. Voters should vote to give a clear majority to a single coalition with the team to govern the country. 

Despite the various negativity and mistakes,  we see the only team should naturally be BN. PH ruined and laid the path to the current crisis during its 22 months. 

As far as PN, they are clouded by Muhyiddin's vengence, merely competent in devious political scheme of things, and abusive, heartless, and cruel in exercising power. 

For the next Prime Minister? 

Well ... the core competency needed to steer the country back to the right course is in the area of economics, finance, foreign affairs, trade and industry. 

It needs capable and experienced people at the helm and in the core group. The same theme behind Zahid's announcement for three Deputy PMs. 

Anwar, Muhyiddin and lastly Mahathir are old. They do not fulfill all the criteria of all around knowledgable, competent, abreast with current trend and thinking, and team to back. 

Neither do Ismail Sabri. 

Assuming BN and friends win, Zahid Hamidi is highest in the political hierarchy to assume the post. If situation does not allow, then next in line is Mohamed Hassan. There is also Hishamuddin Hussein Onn. 

It will be Agong's call.     

PH lack the depth of talent and capability in balancing the myriad of roles in governance. Their brand named leaders have no relevant experience and most have no working resume. They can't get the country out of the doldrum. 

PN neither have the team nor any resemblence of depth among its leaders. Pejuang and GTA are living in the past and will be gone together with Mahathir. 

Muda and the rest of the mosquito parties are not worth mentioning.   

Pardon for the confusing posting. Its both about the reunion and getting back into the groove of blogging. 

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