Thursday, May 2, 2024

Dear Dr Rafidah Abdullah CC: Putrajaya Police Officer

In reference to this blog's April 23rd posting, "MATCVS made fraudulent claim", it has apparently  attracted a reaction from your goodself.

The article was about the claim made by the medical NGO, MATCVS which have been extensively referred in previous postings on the Parallel Pathway Program of the Ministry of Health as reported by the Star.

In passing, your name was mentioned in relation to the onslaught against the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) and let me requote below with the word "could" emboldened:

Perhaps because one member of MMC, namely nephrologist at Hospital Putrajaya whose undivided loyalty to the illegal Parallel Pathway program, could unethically blast her fellow council member publicly in which she is bound by law to secrecy and ethical practise to respect the collective agreement of the council. 

Usually wayward member of any such Board can be suspended and believe MMC should rightly do so. 

There is no slander or fitnah, because according to the Oxford Dictionary found online, "could" is a verb and past for can to mean 1. used to indicate possibility or 2. used in making suggestion or polite request in which the meaning is the former than the latter and mere possibility. 

However, you may have mistakenly taken the link here as though this blogger assumed the bureau chief in the news headline to be a member of MMC. It would be suffice for you to deny. 

Since a police report was made here and when called by the Putrajaya police, they will be duly explaine. The link was meant to refer to her and not the mistaken action of assuming Tan Sri Ibrahim Abu Shah as MMC member.

Not to be diverted by the report, the posting is strictly related to the legitimacy and justified action of MMC to not accord the first four PP program "graduate" the recognisation. That was obviously Ibrahim Shah's intention to term it as "haram" or illegal. 

Contrary to those disputing Ibrahim, including from the Malaysian Urology Association here, MMC has the legitimacy to not recognise PP. To dispute MMC and insist PP Program as acceptable as done by MATCVS is misleading and wrong. 

Without detailing further to explain the subsequent comment of Dr Rafidah, in our possession is the Code of Professional Conduct which provided below the front cover and two relevant pages:

Rafidah is a fine doctor and make no bone about her professionalism. There is nothing personal and the comment was made in passing with no malice intended but strictly focused on the issue. 

The comment made on the Star report was made in a matter of fact manner to tell it like it should be told. As far as the posting on MATCVS, Codeblue reported on Prof Raja Amin in their article "Prove Direct UK GMC Recognition Of Cardiothoracic Surgery Parallel Pathway: Ex-MATCVS President". 

If the police is investigating on the comment to the Star report, it is not too far off from view of the learned Prof Raja Amin's. He was also quoted in past articles which hopefully the Putrajaya Police Officer would spent the time to read the list below on the issue:

1. "FRCS Medical Specialist training scam?" dated February 14, 2024

8. "MATCVS made fraudulent claim" dated April 23rd 2024
Wishing you well.

Yours truly
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